Asianet’s Idea Star Singer Season 4 Time Changed to 8.00 PM

Asianet’s Idea Star Singer Season 4 Time Changed to 8.00 PM

Idea Star Singer Season 4

Idea Star Singer Season 4

Asianet announces change in timings of some of its most popular programmes.

South India’s most popular musical reality show “Idea Star Singer Season 4’ is shifted to 8.00PM ( Monday through Friday ) from 19th July onwards .The show which began with 40 contestants is now down to the top six. Jobi, Rahul, Vidhya Shankar,Sreenath, Anju and Preethi are the ones who will sing their hearts out for the crown. Asianet is all set to air the exciting moments of the final elimination of “ Idea Star Singer Season 4 ‘ from 8.00 PM to 9.30PM on Monday 19th July , 2010.

The grand finale of “Idea Star Singer Season 4 “will be held on Sunday 1st August , 2010 at Chandrashekaran Nair Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram. The judging panel for the finale constitutes, K.S.Chithra, M.G.Sreeekumar , Sarath and S.P.Balasubramanyam.

The popular mythological serial “ Devi Mahathmyam “ is shifted to 9.30 PM ( Monday through Friday) from July 19 onwards .

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  1. SAN says:

    the program is very badddddd pls stop the stupidity.

  2. SAN says:

    anju is very very baddd

  3. rajeev says:


    i think the most suitable person to get the 1 crore villa is joby john or humble prayer is that let the judges be impartial.i think there is suspicion regarding judging in the last round.we all came to know from vidyasankar that he is friend of singer jayachandrans son,also anju’s aunty is classmate of i think this aspects shall not come in the minds of judges in final.let the best singer get the prize.

  4. elsy,lucy,sobhana,jacob,riju,jancy,linda says:

    we strongly object how preethi can come in danger zone? the last epsode she got second price this is stop this type of stupidity.

  5. salu says:

    i think the judges are avoiding joby in the last few rounds eventhough he show his talents.judges found only few mistakes but they didnt give enough marks to joby.. please be impartial

  6. hima says:

    I think the programme is nice . I want sreenath to get the frist
    prize because i am his big fan. The jugdes should not show any impartial.Idont like preethi.

  7. remya says:

    anju is not eligible for final…..her performnace means singing is very bad…The jugdes should not show any impartial…let the best singer get the prize.

  8. deepthy says:

    nayana ,rahul, shikha much better than ANJU…finalist select chythathu oru bad decesion anu…audiencene egene fool akkaluuu

  9. Raji says:

    Rahul had 3 times more sms than preethi. though there was a difference of one mark, how is that Rahul is out. Was SMS not given any importance in the semifinal round.
    Anju was always in the danger zone. How is that she has come in the final.
    Judges please practice what you preach

  10. annul says:

    annul is very very good

  11. suresh says:

    judges, we were holding you in high esteem so far. but selection of anju joseph was very unfair and totally unjustified by elemenating nayana (much better singer).
    from an impartial viewer

  12. KCS Menon says:

    We thought the panel of judges is a set of impartial professionals of acclaim. With the kind of judgement they have been passing in the pre-semifinal and semifinal rounds one wonders whether they are truly impartial or not. Anju who was in danger zone in more than 90% rounds, has been an automatic entry to the finals!! She herself was taken aback and expressed her surprise when she was promoted to semi-final rounds. One need not be a music professional to understand that all other finalists ( and even some of those who have been eliminated earlier)are head and shoulder above Anju. One is made to feel that some other consideration is playing the spoilsport. Expressions and reactions of the judges speak volume in favour of this thought. Will the judges, producer and Asianet be fair in such competetions please?

  13. Johnny John says:

    Hi everyone,
    This Show is excellent, but people like you have own count on fellowcountry men/so why we judge can any one sing like anju /Joby/preethy/and all others those who reached finals and at least 48. here is the show realy has got lots of tallent and hardwork behind it. Judges and teachers has got diffrent prefrence to the Audiance like we apear the University and sslc exam. come on study well wait for the results. Wishe them all good. your team or your man.or girl ddn”t win so do We?
    Praise for good things. ofcourse the show has lots of bad snd stupid dramas. but it has got its prose and corns, we live with that we has to grow more than what we have there 4 genration gap is showing the non constructive cticts view, think and say the words you publish. wish all the finalist great wishes for the futuer.

  14. Chandra says:

    This is too bad of changing the timing. Only your channel want to make money. Devimatmyam to be telecasted at 8 PM. Your program can be from 8.30 to 10 which will help elder people to watch Devi and sleep early. PLS CHANGE THE TIMING FROM 0930 TO 800 PM

  15. mohdali says:

    vidyashanker will be winner 2nd sreenath or preethy

  16. anju roy says:

    i don’t like peethi
    i think sreenath should get first

  17. monisha says:

    i love idea star singer season 4

  18. monisha says:

    i love preeti
    she should get

  19. catharin says:

    i like this programme very much
    i like vidhya very much i think he is the winnern class i and my friends quarrel with each other bcos i am great fan of vidhya chettan

  20. catharin says:

    i am great fan of vidhya

  21. catharin says:

    i didnt like joby

  22. Biju says:

    Joby will be winner 2nd preethy

  23. Manthrikan says:

    This show was very promising in the 2007 season. It lost it’s luster after that mostly due to poor contestant. The introduction of dance team instead of contestants friends and family made the show even more boring, looking at the same faces dancing very much same moves over and over again. Performance round is more like under performers round.
    The judging panel of sarath and MGS is just pathetic with their low class attempt at jokes and insults. Chithra is atleast able to maintain some class.
    The highlight of the show in my opinion is when Danny told them that he was quitting. He should have just stick to his guns and exited amicably. It was very embarrassing for any content to stand there in Danny’s spot and be ridiculed by a judge comparing the outgoing contestant as great while the stayer is looked as inferior. It is their own rules and their own marks and Shikha’s own performance is what got her out in the first place. These rules and regulations are self made often ignored and seldom utilized. Why have them in the first place?
    Anyways they dragged on to this season too long, hopefully season 5 will have some quality contestants like they had in 2007. I really thought Durga deserved to win that season but then again it was announced mid way thru by some exited contestants that Nazim already won. What a shock!

  24. additya says:

    this program is spoiling the name of other reality show…tel tat sreenath to stop his comedy

  25. rohan says:

    Take off Ranjini from the prpgrame, because her attitube so bad and she thinking kerala peoples are stupids. And she thinking she born in uk

  26. rohan says:

    I know the sponsers does’t like the reality. If we give good coments you will be deserve. I am sorry to make you happy

  27. shihab says:

    rangini is very very very very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad very borring

  28. Omana George,USA says:

    Judges were tried to avoid Joby for simple mistakes in last rounds,but now people who really loves music( without any partiality) showed who is best singer.NOT A DANCER.

  29. shefi says:

    Pandara Star Singer, Odukathe Star Singer Ithinoru avasanam Ille Enthina Engane Kollunath…..Gayakaroke Nallathu Thanne Pakshe Ithil Villayum Kitti Poyal Pinne Oraleyum Kanunnillalo…Villa Mathram Mathoyo Bhavi Vende…Shit…E Program Ennu Niruthunno Anne Asianet Gunam Pidiku..he he PInne Oru Odukathe Ranjini Haridas Ente Amme…Enthina A Shavathe Vechu Kondirikkune? Iniyum Padichille Ithu Vare .. M Mugam Kanumbol TV Off cheythu vendu pokan thonnum Hoo Ethine engane vechu kondirikanda oru avshyavum illa…he he

  30. faisal says:

    sreenath kuyappamillatha pattukaranan but avan oru ahangariyan mona sree ninda ahangaram kondan ninakk frist prize kittatha poyath (ninda vijayuda imitating kand prakshkarkk maduth)

  31. treesa says:


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