Amrita TV’s Sangeetha Samagamam Undergoes a Transformation

Amrita TV's Sangeetha Samagamam Undergoes a Transformation

Amrita TV’s Sangeetha Samagamam Undergoes a Transformation

One of Amrita TV’s  most watched signature programmes,  Sangeetha Samagamam  has  undergone a make over from December 20th ; the new series will be telecast  every Sunday at 7.30pm.

Sangeetha Samagamam is a musical re-union of  geniuses whose collective efforts had created  masterpieces in melody and who now  journey back in time to recreate the story of its genesis. The modified avatar retains its basic trait of ‘ reminiscences’ but instead of tracing the origin of songs of individual films, it does a retrospective trek through  many songs from many films of a single director, music director, singer etc , to reveal the persona of the Man.

The  first dedication in the new  Sangeetha Samamagam is for legendary dierctor Bharathan,  for which a good part of the crew & cast of Bharatan’s films converged on the studios. These included KPAC.Lalitha, his spouse and veteran actress ;Sindhu Lohitadas, wife of  Lohitadas whose  scripts had supplied the framework for many of Bharatan’s classics; John Paul who had scripted 16 of his films; Nedumudi Venu who had starred in almost all his movies ; Pratap Pothen, a Bharatan protégés who made it big on the screen ; ONV Kurup, who penned the lyrics of his songs ; Johnson, one of  his favourite music directors; Asokan who had enacted memorable roles in some of his  movies and many many more.

These artistes dip into the fertile estuaries of their memories and draw out stories and accounts of their experiences in Bharatan films . From these pleasant remembrances emerge a picture of Bharatan, the eternal genius of Malayalam Cinema, who contributed a  string of films like Thakara, Chamayam, Kattathe Kilikoodu, Kathodu Kathoram, Vaisali, Amaram, Ormakkai etc – works of art, immortalized in celluloid through the unique Bharatan touch.

Later episodes will cover the films of  Director Jayaraj, Music Director M Jayachandran and

others in the major league of Cinema. The Jayaraj episodes will feature Bhavana, Manjari, Gayathri, Minmini, Jassi Gift, Bijipal etc while Sujatha, Swetha, Vijay Yesudas, Viji Thampy, Gireesh Puthencherry, Rajasenan will be the guests in the Jayachandran series etc.

Sangeetha Samagamam is thus a gathering of talents from various fields of cinema , who have come together to retrace the steps behind the making of a classic song , of which they were the architects. By knitting together the nostalgic little anecdotes selected from these  memories recollected in togetherness, the programme presents the luminary himself before the viewers.

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