Amrita TV’s Sakhi Comes Back to Delight Eves

Amrita TV’s ‘Sakhi’ Comes back to Delight Eves.



Sakhi, every woman’s true friend and faithful companion, returns to Amrita TV on February 9th to delight eves and much to their delight.

It is the second series of the immensely popular ‘Sakhi’, a light conversational women’s talk show that had captured the imagination of the entire female half of the population of Kerala.

‘Sakhi’ is an hour-long casual chat show, a one-to-one conversation between the anchor and the guest, meant exclusively for women, on topics that touches their daily lives in one way or the other.

The guest of the day may be a high-profile celebrity or an expert who is a virtuoso in her subject; but it is not only the elite who can figure on the guest roll . Anyone who can serve as a source of inspiration, can be invitees gracing the interviewee’s chair, even an unknown entity who has made her mark through her proficiency.

The topics are selected from a wide spectrum of subjects that would be interesting, informative and would appeal across the entire cross-section of the fairer sex, from the polished cosmopolitan to the rural rustic – beauty, fashion, health care, yoga, travel, parenting skills etc

The first Sakhi series, a half hour chat show lived up to its name and established the programmes reputation for being every woman’s true friend in need. Complying to persistent viewer demands, the second ‘Sakhi’ series has been extended to one hour to take the role of friend and mentor further, with improvisations in its format – special outdoor segments for every episode, phone-outs by the anchor and phone-ins from interested viewers.

The name ‘Sakhi’ which stands for friend, sums up in two small syllables, the quintessence of the entire programme . Aimed at the better half of humanity in general and homemakers in particular,it tries to be a faithful friend who would always lend a helping hand, a credible philosopher who gives advice on matters of import and a trustworthy guide who can be depended to lead you the right way.

Anchored by Geeta Bakshi, eminent journalist and editor of the magazine ‘Nostalgia’it will be launched on February 9th and telecast from Monday through Thursday at 12 noon.

Sweeping in scope, encyclopedic in choice and exhaustive in coverage, ‘Sakhi’ – created painstakingly by women, entirely for the benefit of their counterparts, on subjects that are of relevance to them – is the Complete Women’s Programme.

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