Amrita TV’s Raga Ratnam Yuva

Amrita TV's Raga Ratnam Yuva

Amrita TV's Raga Ratnam Yuva

‘Raga Ratnam Yuva’ is a reality show aimed at identifying an extraordinarily gifted Carnatic music prodigy; a meticulous and painstaking search through a many-tiered contest, for the best Carnatic vocalist in the 16 -21 age group.‘Raga Ratnam Yuva’ is the hierarchical sequel of Amrita TV’s ‘Raga Ratnam Junior’ that showcased raw, tender talent in the 10-15 age group, a reality show that enthralled audiences world-wide. Having hit the right note at the first attempt, Amrita TV continues in the same pitch, carrying on the classical treat for the benefit of Carnatic music aficionados, in ‘Raga Ratnam Yuva’

Auditions were held in various centers all over South India ;from the competitors who thronged the centers, 16 of those who sang their swaras at the right sruthi were chosen to be the contestants. Music being an universal language, participants were not eliminated on the basis by of tongue or state, but were screened by their mastery over the grammar and semantics of Music.

The real litmus test of their talent comes in the several exacting rounds of the reality show that will cover the entire range of Carnatic music tradition when, every aspect of their music training will be put to test. The contestants will be sifted through the intricacies of Carnatic Music to extract a modern Thyagaraja or Semmangudi worthy of bearing the proud prefix, the ‘Raga Ratnam ’title before their names.

Giving scope for free improvisation is the cornerstone of Carnatic music. ‘Raga Ratnam Yuva’ has grasped this core factor of Carnatic music tradition and incorporated it into its structure. The rounds are selected to give maximum elbow room for experimentation; the contestants can sing in any ‘patantharam’ they wish, allowing the greatest innovation within the compass of the traditional format.Thus the show is truly ‘manodharme sangeetam’that offers a rare forum for experimentation.

Carnatic music is the great classical music art form of India; today, the younger generation is steadily getting divorced from their heritage. But in recent times there have been increasing attempts to democratize this time tested tradition ; to attract them back to the old classical ways of music.

‘Raga Ratnam Yuva’ is Amrita TV’s contribution to this noble endeavor.

To be launched on the 13th of December, ‘Raga Ratnam Yuva’ will be telecast every Saturday & Sunday at 6.30 pm.

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