Amrita TV Rolls Out The Red Carpet For 2010

Amrita TV Rolls Out The Red Carpet For 2010 As  the Old year limps out of our lives into the mausoleum  of past years and we sweep our minds clear  of the remnants of   broken resolutions in anticipation of the birth of the New Year,   Amrita TV gets ready to usher in 2010, with a  handful of colorful programmes on the 31st  of December and 1st of January:

Dazzle Nite 2009, a 5 hour long glittering gala event  gives a rousing welcome to the New Year,

while  2009 slowly winds to a close and the witching hour approaches. Starting at 9.00pm, it has  an  awesome display of  music n’ dance  featuring  Renjith and Suchitha  leading young lights in playback singing, Rimmy Tommy the one-woman entertainment industry , Suja Naidu,  film danseuse, Sangeeth and Nishant, Amrita TV’s Super Star -1 toppers, backed up by the Rock n’ Roll  dance team.

Celebrations starts early on New Year’s eve, with the Suresh Gopi mega hit ‘Sound of Boot’ at 9.00am. Being the time for taking stock of the year that was, Malayalam Cinema 2009  at 3.30pm  takes a retrospective trek through the highlights and low points of  the year’s releases, the movies that raked in the cash and others that took a tumble at the box office, followed by a flashback of the chartbusting film songs in Malayalam Hits 2009 at 4.30pm.

The festivities continue into the first day of the new born year with thespian Kamal Hassan’s Nayakan at  9.00am , in which he co-stars with Saranya and  Karthika. Lekhsmi Gopalaswamy confides her love for Osho, her deep admiration for Mohanlal’s humility , her experiences in Tamil and Malayalam films in an intimate interview Tharanoopuramcharthi  at 3.30pm. Tamil playback singer and an A.R.Rehman favourite, Tippu  opens up on how he fell in love ‘on stage’ with his future spouse Hirani, during a stage performance and traces his evolution as a singer that led to his association with Rehman in Tippuvinte Swapnangal  at 4.00pm .

Swargathile Virunnukar is a rendezvous on location with the unit members of  ‘Ividam  Swargamanu’, Mohanlal’s latest blockbuster, which interacts with the entire cast from Mohanlal, Lekshmi Gopalaswamy, Lekshmi Rai, Thilakan, Kaviyoor Ponnammma to Roshan Andrews  etc. Ritu debutante Reema Kallungal, talks at length about her vision of Life, her concept of Love, the Bollywood offers knocking at her door, the Malayalam films she has handled so far: the classy ‘Ritu’, the traditional ‘Nellathamara’, the vibrant ‘Happy Husbands’ and the action packed ‘Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram’ in a cozy tête-à-tête, Rituvinte Paaritoshikam at 5.30 pm.

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  1. sanjana says:

    i want2 apply 4this job..
    plz gv me one chans..

  2. count muktheswara says:

    Fine Singing.I do follow you on RHYME GYMNASIUM (rim jim).

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