Amrita TV Reveals The Truth on February 7th

The Truth

Amrita TV Reveals The Truth on February 7th

On February 7th at 10.30 pm, Amrita TV unveils ‘The Truth’, a matter-of-fact, down to earth chat show that presents iconic figures in the centre of the public eye, celebrities from politics to entertainment, cultural to social spheres .The Truth, to be telecast every Saturday at 10.30 pm, is a face-to-face hard talk between the anchor and the celebrity, which focuses on core issues surrounding the person, issues that might have raised questions or doubts in the public’s mind.

The celebrities, though idols who are deified are often the victims of scandals they are not party to or pursued by allegations they know nothing of. Since they have no direct access to the public, they are caught up in a mesh of fact, fiction and fantasy and have little chance of clearing themselves .

The Truth gives these beleaguered heroes a rare opportunity to put the record straight . A verbal quest in search of the absolute truth, the show views the issue from both sides, presenting the accusations, the incriminating charges, the libel , the public perception –as well as the ‘victim’s’ counter points and defense.

The approach is direct and clinical , with no frills or small talk. The anchor embarks on his cross examination in a crisp, interrogative fashion without mincing words or beating about the bush, pinning the interview down exclusively to vital talking points regarding the celebrity.

The celebrity is given a chance to present his side of the story, to clear the allegations leveled against him, to remove misconceptions and explain controversies. The viewers get a chance to hear the celebrity’s version of the affair in his own words, without misinterpretations, distortions and falsification.

In the weeks to come Ministers and bigwigs from the political arena, idols from the silver screen, cult figures from socio-cultural fields line up in the hot seat of The Truth, open up chapters in their lives that are blurred by contradictory versions . By persuading them to talk about those critical issues The Truth clears away the webs of confusion spun around these figures and presents the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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