Amrita TV Presents Autographs of Master Directors of Malayalam Films



Amrita TV Presents Autographs of Master Directors of Malayalam Films‘Kaioppu’ telecast by Amrita TV every Saturday at 9pm, is an unusual programme in which distinguished directors of Malayalam films run their fingers down their years of prodigious output, handpick four or five movies they have a soft corner for and reveal the reasons why they hold pride of place in their hearts.

Malayalam Cinema has in its pantheon many maestros who have directed their way to a permanent place in the Celluloid Hall of Fame; many others have the potential to rub shoulders with the best in the Motion Picture world.

The Director bestows a bit of his soul to each of his film. So each work will display some distinguishing brush strokes that will immediately proclaim the artist to the viewer ; every film will bear the signature of his talent that is as individualistic and recognizable as the loops and flourishes of his autograph .

While these films attain mass popularity, get rave reviews or become the film jury’s

pet choice, the voice of the person who wielded the megaphone is seldom heard. ‘Kaioppu’ journeys behind the scenes to the Man Who Calls the Shots, to obtain an assessment of his favourite works of art, in his own words.

‘Kaioppu’ will feature the beat directors of the past era and present age from Adoor Gopalakrishnan, K.G.George, Kamal, Sibi Malayil, , Fazil, to Lal Jose, Shaji Kailas and Lohitha Das in 50 episodes spread across as many weeks; each week will focus on one director and his choice of movies or scenes.

One by one, the stalwarts of Malayalam filmdom select 4 or 5 films for which they have a marked preference, and disclose why they are placed in the mantelpiece of their hearts. The Director’s narration will be complimented by relevant clippings from the film that will underline his opinions and convictions. He explains the origins of the film that might have sprung into existence from a chance incident or news clipping; the fleshing out of the characters outlined on people he had known somewhere in Life’s journey; the casting in which instinct won over reason and always proved to be right.

‘Kaioppu’ is a retrospective of the impeccable masterpieces from brilliant auteurs of Malayalam filmdom, with the directors themselves enumerating why they are jewels in their creative crown.

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