Amrita TV Mothers Day Programs on 9th May 2010

Amrita TV Mothers Day Programs

Amrita TV Mothers Day Programs

Amrita TV Pays Back A Lifetime Of Debt To Mothers On May 9th

Mother’s Day is  the day everyone sets apart every year  to express their gratitude to the One Special Woman in their life  , who wiped  away  the pain of a fall and smoothed the creases from one’s brow. On the  9th of May, Amrita TV  salutes Mothers the world over with a host of memorable programmes

The day starts by paying obeisance to Motherhood through Amma Mathuram at 6.30am, an emotional travelogue that journeys through the recollections of famous figures from different fields such as Sathyan Anthikad etc. Roaming freely through their  reminiscences, the touching recitals  opens the floodgates of  memories of their mothers and the tender relationships they shared.

Mathrudevo Bhava at 7.00 am presents a  selection of celebrities narrating their concepts of Mother Nature. Mathrudevo Bhava which translates into ‘Honour your Mother as God’ springs from the ancient Indian concept of worshiping Nature as Bhoomi Devi. Earth which creates, nourishes and  sustains life is portrayed as Mother Earth and hence every Mother is considered as a manifestation of God.

Thalolam at 7.30am is a collection of songs from new Malayalam releases that are eloquent expressions of the adulation and reverence one feels for the person who represents the ultimate symbol of love and loyalty in one’s life ; these  are songs that recall  her devotion, commitment and sacrifices, starting with the faint  remembrances  of the lullaby with which she sang one to sleep.

Little World at 10 am  incorporates an exclusive  segment featuring the Queen of TV Comedy, Manju Pillai and her daughter. In Super Star Junior-3 Special P,rogramme at 12.00 am, the young contestants interact with a Celebrity Mother, listening to her ‘motherhood’ experiences and recounting in return, some of the cherished moments with their mother.

Nothing in the world is as delicious as home-made food and though everything that mother makes is equally tasty there will be a couple of dishes that are the family favourites. Ruchi at 2.30pm drops in at the home of serial star Kaladi Omana and presents a tempting mother’s recipe, a scrumptious sea food item, cut, cooked and curried by Omana herself and seasoned by an ingredient not found in any hotel menu-love.

Feature Film Hello at  3.30 pm, a Rafi Macartin creation that exploits Mohanlal’s comic genius and exquisite timing  to the full, also stars Parvathy Milton, Jagathy, Jagdeesh etc. News Snippets at the end of every news bulletin presents ‘Mother’s With A Difference’, women who of their own free will gave up natural motherhood to take care of scores of destitute and deprived children.

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