Amrita TV Crowns its ‘Junior Genius’

Amrita TV Junior Genius

Amrita TV Junior Genius

Arshad Muhammed emerged the victor in Amrita TV’s Winsmart ‘Junior Genius’, to be crowned the undisputed Genius amongst Juniors at the Grand Finale held in Trivandrum. Launched in August ,2008, as a weekend primetime hourly show, Winsmart ‘Junior Genius’ was Malayalam television’s first edutainment talent hunt targeted at 12-14 year olds; which assessed not just their IQ,GK or artistic abilities, but endeavored to analyse the total personality of the child, his physical, mental and intellectual potential.
The initial rounds which spanned 51 engrossing episodes, consisted of Outdoor Activity, Artistic Talent and Quiz segments; later the going got tougher with the inclusion of Science Experiments, Social Service and Management skill segments. The show began with 30 contestants; and innovative rounds whisked the genius pool and the cream de la cream rose to the surface, and with eliminations at regular intervals, five finalists made it to the Grand Finale .

In the cerebral race to the finishing line, the one who kept a level head on his shoulders and a sharp set of brains inside it, surged ahead and breasted the tape first, in a contest that measured their Total Personality Quotient and became the litmus test of their Character.

Arshad, the youngest contestant, beat the rest of the field to take home the title and the one lakh rupee cash prize. Lekshmi S.H, a tenth grader was awarded Rs. 75,000 for the second spot, while Deepak.T, bagged the third prize, winning Rs. 50000. Armed to the teeth with facts and figures, the finalists met in a pentagonal clash of brain and nerve as they faced a variety of assessments such as ‘Emotional Intelligence’, ‘Mental Ability’, ‘Extempore’ and ‘Quiz’

In the Emotional Intelligence Test they were asked to observe a still picture of a human ‘emotion’ for 30 seconds, and asked to weave a story lasting 90 seconds, that inculcated the emotion, followed by standard questions that measured the Emotional Quotient of the contestants. The Mental Ability Segment sketched a world famous person through a series of symbols that gave complex clues and broad hints as to the city in which he/she was born, the place they lived in, his/her profession ; piecing together these pointers the contestant had to identify the person .

The third segment, Extempore Round assessed the contestants public speaking abilities and imagination, since he was required to speak extempore on a subject that was given to him on the spot . The final segment in the three hour show was a multifaceted Quiz Session .The Finale will be telecast at 7.30 pm on May 1st.

They received their prizes from the Chief Guest ,Mr. Benoy Viswam, Honorable Minister for Forests, in front of a large appreciative audience who followed every dip and rise of the contestants’ fortune with eager interest.

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