Kairali Arabia Film Schedule 02 to 08 March 2015

Kairali Arabia Film Schedule for The Week 02 March 2015 to 08 March 2015

DateTimeTimeTimeFilm Name
02 March 2015 (Monday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MValyettan
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.M5 Sundarikal
03 March 2015 (Tuesday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MAarambam
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MValyettan
04 March 2015 (Wednesday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MNanban
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MAarambam
05 March 2015 (Thursday)12:00 P.M10:30 A.M09:30 A.M7aum Arivu
04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MUllasam
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MNanban
06 March 2015 (Friday)07:30 P.M05:30 P.M04:30 P.MVeeram
02:30 A.M01:00 A.M12:00 A.MUllasam
07 March 2015 (Saturday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MThuppakki
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MVeeram
08 March 2015 (Sunday)04:30 P.M03:00 P.M02:00 P.MKo
12:30 A.M11:00 P.M10:00 P.MThuppakki
Kairali Arabia Film Schedule

Kairali Arabia Film Schedule

5 Responses

  1. Saleem says:

    thanks for kairali arabia movie schedule, please upload full schedule.

  2. Jaije says:

    same movies repeating, what a shame this is.

  3. sathyan says:

    why kairali is not telecasting the old films now, lot of good films not showing now. they are better than this dubbed craps.

  4. jameel says:

    this is the first time i am getting the schedule of kairali arabia. totally disappointed with this.

  5. jinson says:

    can you pleas tell what is the purpose of this channel ?. we expected more from kairali. this is total disappointment.

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