Super Dancer 6 Grand Finale On Amrita TV – 14th July 2013

Amrita TV’s Super Dancer Junior-6 Climaxes To Its Grand Finale On 14th July 2013

Super Dancer 6 Grand Finale

Super Dancer 6 Grand Finale

The 6th edition of Super Dancer Junior, the longest running dance reality show series in Malayalam television traipses to its crowning glory in the Grand Finale this weekend. The magnificent denouement of the highly popular competition that uncovers the best dancers in the State in each edition will be telecast on Sunday, 14th July from 7 pm in the evening.

In the fray for the fabulous title and the bounty of a 65 lakh apartment are a cluster of Cochinites with a Bahrinite for a variety: Saniya Aiyappan, Milaan, Femiya, Esha – and Manjima from across the Persian Gulf.

The fivesome pitted against each other in a pentagonal contest will have 4 rounds to outdo the challengers, as the rivals jockey for the top position: a Solo Round where they will have the stage to themselves, a Pair Round in which the adversaries have to match moves dancing side by side; a Group Round that is a study in harmony where the participants have to step in sync with the rest; a Combined All Contestant Round where all five dance to the same tune and which will help in immediate comparison.

Rousing melodies from playback stars Franko and Sakhti Shree and spirited performances by Super Dancer veterans Malavika and Riddhima will add more pep and zest to the show.

The jury panel consists of veteran serial actress and danseuse Sudha Chandran, famous both for her no holds barred accessories and acerbic comments and the seasoned Shanti Master, Queen of Choreographers who is her ideal foil. Having watched the competitors emerge from their cocoons into well rounded dancers through the length of the competition, they will bring their combined dancing experience to the fore , to deliver the final judgment.

The District Collector Mr. Satheesh, yesteryear actress Vidhuja Menon, upcoming starlet Mahalekshmi, TV serial heroine Maya Vishwanath etc were amongst a battery of celebrities sprinkling the audience ,who watched the riveting performances with avid interest.

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