Shoot & Track – Amrita TV Scores High With Exclusive News Bulletin on Cinema and Sports

Shoot and Track

Shoot and Track

Shoot & Track, Amrita TV’s newly released daily news dispatch that is reserved entirely for Cinema and Sports, screens the current action that is grabbing attention in both the fields. Telecast every morning at 8.30 am, the show turns the spotlight on the two high entertainment genres of film and sports at a time when India is basking in the glow of half a dozen Olympic laurels and celebrating one hundred years of Indian cinema.

Adding the extra sheen of immediacy of news to the narrative style of feature programmes, Shoot & Track puts movie buffs in the world cinema picture and lets avid enthusiasts draw level with the latest happenings in the game.

The first segment on Cinema serves up a smorgasbord of features on everything celluloid, a run through of the newest films to hit the theatres by airing trailers and songs from the flicks; gives short takes on those motion pictures that have struck the box office bull’s eye; feels the pulse of the public by gathering soundbytes of their view; holds quick discussions on novel aspects of films ; brings snippets on coming attractions that are taking shape on the sets or on the editing table; goes international with tidbits on Hollywood and profiles new ‘discoveries’ before and behind the camera.

Following it is a sports segment, a spirited round up that sprints through the best sporting events in India and abroad over the past 24 hours , lacing the fast paced reports and action packed clippings with interviews with sportmen in the thick of the action and the coaches who moulded them.

Shoot & Track , a one stop show for up- to- the- minute news stories in Sports and Cinema, which has consciously selected to move off the trodden path , is in a league of its own.

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