Kunji Ammakku Anju Makkalane – Serial On Amrita TV

Kunji Ammakku Anju Makkalane Malayalam Television Serial On Amrita TV Every Monday to Friday at 9.00 P.M

Kunji Ammakku Anju Makkalane

Kunji Ammakku Anju Makkalane

Amrita TV  Lightens Prime Time With New Comedy Serial

Amrita Tv explores the extensive expanse  of  the TV comedy genre with the sitcom Kunji Ammakku Anju Makkalane , a light hearted, hilariously funny  comedy serial, which packs loads of laughter into every scene; but in between the layers of crunchy humour,  conveys the message that,  children who are petted and over indulged while young, grow up into good-for- nothing adults and bring naught but anxiety and heartache to their parents. Poised for launch on May 28th , it will be telecast every weekday at 9.00pm.

The serial is an offering from the competent hands of Sudheesh Sankar, one of the best directors in the serial fray today. Popular amongst the purists and prime time viewers alike, he rode to success on the back of heavy duty mega dramas such as ‘Ente Manasaputhrikku’ , ‘Alippazham’, ‘Kanakkinavu’ and ‘Omanathinkal Pakshi’ before switching over to classical fare in ‘Chila Nerangalil Chila Manushyar’ and ‘Artha Chandrante Rathri’ . In Kunji Ammakku, he hops genre once again to direct his megaphone at comedy for the first time

Saraswathy , the teacher at the local village school, had taught generations of villagers their 3 R’s and was respected by one and all. She is the mother of 5 boys. The village folk who had learned the lyrics of the time worn ditty “Five children had Kunjiyamma”.. from her, soon coined an appellation for their school mam,  that stuck because it was so fitting- Kunjiyamma.

Though Saraswathy and family were jocularly referred to as Kunjiyamma and her sons, the children had more in common with the Pancha Pandavas of the Mahabharata, but with ample flaws which made them seem like caricatures of the original. Saraswathy who was often envied for her ‘5 strapping sons’ rued  that they were more of a burden than any assistance or  relief in her old age .Irked by her sons’ continued irresponsibility, Saraswathy seeks the help of her niece who was settled in Mumbai. The advent of the teenaged Aruna upsets the placid equilibrium of the male dominated household. The disturbing proximity of an attractive young girl in their midst stirs up ripples of dormant emotions in them. Skillfully, gradually, ever so gently Aruna arouses thoughts of marriage and familial bliss in her cousins. Realizing fully well that all 5 of them were head over heels in love with her, she adroitly slips out of the situation and finds 5 brides for the 5 brothers from the eligible maids of the village.

Five headstrong, willful daughters-in-law who have wrapped their husbands around their little finger, engaged in a merry-go-round for domestic dominance; five husbands who got more than they had bargained for; Saraswathy teacher who finds she has traded the frying pan for the fire…the plot unfurls into an endless series of side-splitting sequences that elicits gales of laughter from the audience.

Developing within the sturdy framework of a plausible storyline and well fleshed characters, the serial doesn’t lean on slapstick or buffoonery to squeeze out a smile, it generates genuine comedy that emerges naturally from the situation and the interaction of characters to raise a laugh.

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