Spike in Ratings of Amrita TV

Amrita TV

Amrita TV

An analysis of recent Television Audience Measurement (TAM) ratings for the period 4.3.2012 to 10.3.2012 shows that Amrita TV has emerged as the third most preferred destination for viewers in the 8-8.30 pm band on weekdays among Malayalam channels. The surge is shown across the TG: CS Female 35+ Years cutting across socio-economic segments

Amrita TV’s pathbreaking show, ‘’Kathayallithu Jeevitham’’ is the trend setting real life show which is telecast Monday through Friday, 8 pm -8.30 pm .This programme is consistently maintaining a good TAM rating from it very inception itself and acquired a high TVR among the Top 3.

Another program which shows huge viewer acceptance and steady ratings is the half an hour mythological extravaganza, ‘’Sree Padmanabham’’ that circumnavigates the Padmanabhaswamy temple of Travancore.TAM analysis shows that this serial is climbing up ratings and was rated No 3 among all competitor channels in the recent weeks.

Another property which is making viewers stay tuned to Amrita TV is “Top 10 @10, the channel’s 10 pm news, which showcases the top ten stories of the day,and has been recognized as a unique news bulletin in Malayalam television. TAM analysis of this Bulletin consistently shows that this is the No. 1 News Bulletin in the 10 to 11 pm band on all days.

Amrita TV’s, first ever daily health news bulletin in Malayalam television history ‘’Aarogya Vaarthakal’’,devoted entirely to health, wellness and fitness on all days is also ranked 1st among all channels in the 1.30 pm slot.

Amrita TV’s News Bulletin, ‘’Spot News’’, the 2-minute news capsule, delivers crisp, current headlines from around the globe, hot from the spot, once every half-an-hour. These brief, concise bulletins which cover every day of the week from 6 am to 12 midnight is ranked at the Top among all competitor channels in All TGs.

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