Vellathooval – Movie Premier On Asianet

Asianet Shivarathri Special Movie is Vellathooval, 20th February 2012 at 12.30 P.M



Jiya, daughter of James and Lisa and grand daughter of Mrs. Koshi, who enjoyed her teenage like a ‘white feather’ (Vellathooval). She is very conservative and have her own views. Manu got fed up with his life. After his father’s death, his mother marries Vijayaraghavan. He is always on drinks and torture manu and his mom. So Manu fight with him and left home. He thinks he would become a murderer if he stays at home. Meantime jiya also left her home. She go with manu. Manu advices jiya to go back to home many times, but she didnt agree with him. Simultaneously Jiya and Manu were becoming very good friends but the society misunderstood them and considered them lovers. Her City Police Commissioner Abi and his teams search every corners for them. At last Jiya injures a Young college mate Willy in stomach. He dies in the hospital. Willy’s friends and police follow Jiya and Manu.

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