Sandhya Deepam Completes 1000th Episode on Amrita TV

Sandhya Deepam Lights The Lamp Of Television History With Its 1000th Episode

Sandhya Deepam

Sandhya Deepam

Sandhya Deepam, Amrita TV’s signature programme that champions our enviable spiritual heritage, is on its way to leaving its permanent autograph in history, as it stands on the threshold of a landmark thousandth episode.

Sandhya Deepam which had been enhancing the devotional mood of the dusk at 6.30pm every evening for the past 3 ½ years, reaches the millennial milestone on Monday, November 14th .

As the whole family come together for worship and meditation, the programme with its striking visuals of poojas and other religious rites transports us to a mystic plane suited for the sunset hour. Sanyasins and other experts, well versed in matters spiritual explain the significance of daily rituals, customs and ceremonies through its segments .

Each episode of Sandhya Deepam comprise of 4 segments : Namasankeerthanam consisting of the recitation of timeless Vedic verses and hymns chanted in front of the lighted lamps and burning incense sticks at twilight, extolling the virtues of Gods; Jyothirgamaya, the interpretation of the Lalitha Sahasranamam by famous tantric scholar L.Gireeshan;
a recital of Narayaneeyam, Melpathoor Narayana Bhattathiri’s ancient Sanskrit masterpiece composed in tribute to Guruvayoorappa and Deeparadhana the concluding part that captures the sacred deeparadhana ritual, on location from historic temples around Kerala.

Sandhya Deepam, the first such show in the genre, is an answer to prayers for a devotional programme appropriate for the eventide; as it crosses the boundary into history, lighting up the twilight hour with the warm glow of prayers, many more mileposts await in its path to lasting glory.

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