Runway Premiering on Mazhavil Manorama

Runway Premiering on Mazhavil Manorama This Sunday at 5.00 P.M (20th November 2011)


Runway Premiering on Mazhavil Manorama

Story – Unni (Dileep) tells his family that he is working in Gulf but in reality he runs illegal spirit business with Bhai (Murali). He accepts a four-year jail punishment actually the accused was Bhai. Unni, however confesses what he does to Gopika (Kavya Madhavan) who his mother is insistent that he should marry. Things change when Unni’s brother (Indrajith) becomes a police officer. He gets the transfer in the Valayar area, where Unni and Bhai have become big-time rowdys. In Valayar, Balu tries his level best to catch Valayar Paramasivam (Dileep) by doesn’t knowing that he is his brother; but he fails in front of the mind game played by Dileep. This makes Bhai angry with Balu. But Paramasivam tells him to forgive to Balu. By the meantime, Chinadan’s kill Bhai’s only son Johny and blames Balu as the real killer. This made Bhai very desp and wants to kill Balu. For that Bhai kidnaps him. By knowing this, Paramasivam goes to save his brother Balu. And the film moves into a climax.

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