Akashadooth Mega Serial On Surya TV

Akashadoothu Mega Serial On Surya TV



Watch the second Part of the Super Hit Malayalam Film Akashadooth as mega Serial on Surya TV. Akashadoothu Mega Serial Starting 24th October 2011 Every Monday To Friday at 9.30 P.M On Surya TV.


Akashadhoothu Malayalam Mega Serial

Akasha Dhoothu

Akasha Dhoothu Malayalam Mega Serial

Akasha Doothu

Akasha Doothu Malayalam Mega Serial

Akasa Doothu

Akasa Doothu Malayalam Mega Serial


Akashadoothu Malayalam Mega Serial

3 Responses

  1. K.P.MUHAMMAD says:

    Dear Mr. Ranjith,

    Never expected such a senseless thought from you. Akashadooth is a good movie, but the serial is very poor due to it’s screenplay and direction.

  2. navya says:

    its a very good serial.but it is not updating the properly.we don’t getting the surya tv.so that we r watching through the google.only this serial is not updating .they r updating it 6-10 days in a month.thats y we don’t know the story.please kindly do the need ful.thank you

  3. ohm says:

    a mega blunder from a mega hit movie

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