Reporter TV Technical Parameters

Malayalam H D News Channel Reporter TV Technical Parameters Details

Reporter TV

Reporter TV Channel

From Reporter TV Facebook Page We got the Technical Parameters As Follows. But with this parameters now the channel not getting, hope the same will get from 11th May 2011. Reporter TV is the Very First High Definition Channel from Kerala. You Need Supporting Satellite Receiver to Catch the HD Signal from the Satellite.

Reporter Tv Frequency Details

Satellite : Insat 2E at 83.0┬░East
Frequency – 4050 Mhz
Symbol Rate – 5084
Polarization – Vertical
FEC – 7/8
Format : MPEG4/HD

8 Responses

  1. SAJI says:

    The size of the lettters (scrolling news ) is too small.what is the mail id of reporter tv?

  2. 222222 says:

    can u take mpeg4 hd specil reciver then tune insat 2e 4050 5084 7/8 normaly hd chanels not available

  3. A.R.SATISH says:

    can you please let me know the address of this Reporter TV in Kerela.

  4. manoj says:

    What is the official website of reporter tv ? i am not getting it. I tried a lot.

  5. Pratap Chettikulangara says:

    Reporter TV, when it launched during elections seemed to be promising. But each day its is loosing the confidence of the viewers due to its extreme partisan reporting, despite the mavericks of Mr. Nikeshkumar. We do not know who is the owners or its offices. These Channel People(Businessmen) think they are journalists. But they should understand they have taken up journalism as bread winning occupation and not working for charity. But the public at large is not like you. They are seasoned journalists without an eye on its generation of income. Hence beware. Do not impose calibrated, altered, and adulterated news upon the public, and malayalis in particular.

  6. praveen says:

    I don’t think it is in HD, just using HD camera..

  7. Shanker says:

    Hello All ,

    Can any one suggest the web site Reporter TV ????/

    Is it ????????

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