Idea Star Singer Season 5 Completes 200 Episodes on Asianet

Idea Star Singer Season 5 Completes 200 Episodes on Asianet

Idea Star Singer Season 5

Idea Star Singer Season 5

Popular Musical Reality Show Idea Star Singer Season 5 Completes 200 Episodes on Asianet.

Idea Star Singer Season 5  Judges are music director Sarath, play back singers K.S.Chithra , M.G.Sreekumar & Pop Singer Usha Uthup. The title winner will receive villa worth Rs. 1 Core.

Asianet is all set to telecast “ Idea Star Singer Season 5 ” on every Monday to Friday, from 8.00 PM to 9.30PM.

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4 Responses

  1. gkrishnan says:

    first,it is very sad that chitrachechi doughter expired,very very sad news….in idea star singer 5 ,you invited janakiamma, it is very much great job asainet is done, like this you must call yesudas,jayachandran, and sing old songs. why cant you make a session for old songs only?

  2. Karthick says:

    Jyothi Krishnakki randu kombu undo? How is he a better singer than Swarasagar? Yesterday (3.6.2011) he did not sing at all. If he had sung, we could say either he sang well or did not sing well, yet he walked away with 55 marks when he deserves only 52. This is called munkoor manipulation. I have grown up listening to the sang he sung. Obviously, how can the judges judge a song they don’t know? Idiots!

  3. Vinod Kumar S says:

    I am a regular viewer of the programme. I feel that sometimes the judges are making unwanted comments without knowing that it hurts many viewers. In the episode telecast on 17th June, Mr. Sarath, while commenting Mr. Shabeer’s song, said in sarcastic tone “Veterinary doctor aayirikkum”. Does he know that Veterinary doctors are in no way inferior to Human doctor? Veterinary Doctors study about human anatomy, physiology etc. along with the study of animals, since there are a lot of common things between the human beings & animals. A Vet. Dr., in case of an emergency, is allowed to treat a human being because of his knowledge which he has gained while studying for the Veterinary degree, whereas human Dr. is not authorised to treat any animal even in an emergency. If Mr. Sarath feels that Vety. Drs. are inferior, he should change his views & apologise to the Veterinarians.

  4. Vineeth says:

    Are Mridula and Akhil, and formerly Kalpana, the sensational finds of the Malayalam music world? The judges seem to have found a paragon of perfection in Mridula and reluctantly REDUCE marks from her. They seem to be scared to find anything wrong in her singing and even if they find any shortcomings, they point them out to her so politely and apologetically as if fearful of hurting her feelings and give the impression that they are negligible. She is just another good singer, nothing so exceptional. Tomorrow, the same judges will call a Akhila or Shilpa to sing in their movies.
    The judges have become so unpredictable in the 12th round. There words do not match the marks they give. They could praise a singer to the skies and then give average marks. Anuradha is a loose cannon. With the exception of awarding Mridula, we just don’t know what to expect from her, it could be a 28 or a 21. It is regrettable that the judges are behaving like this at this stage when the competition is becoming fierce.

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