Kathayallithu Jeevitham Crosses 150 Episodes on Amrita TV

Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham

Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham

Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham, Amrita TV’s progressive but  atypical courtroom show that is giving a new interpretation to the concept of social commitment completes 150 consecutive episodes on March 2nd.

Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham telecast Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm, is a legal counseling programme where actual disputes, real conflicts and authentic discords that tangle up family relationships are brought to the studio floors, unraveled and smoothened out.

Set in an atmosphere which promotes reconciliation and hosted by veteran actor Vidhubala along with an expert legal panel, the warring parties arrive at a mutually agreeable settlement of the problem through dialogue and discussion.

Through its moving delineation of  familial imbroglios Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham has  quietly activated   a revolution that conferred a hitherto unrealized dimension to television entertainment as raw, real life problems presented in unvarnished detail captivated prime time audiences everywhere.

Kathayalla, Ithu Jeevitham which handles cases ranging from marital disharmony, dowry harassments to ownership disputes and  gender discrimination is basically an out-of-court settlement that offers a feasible alternative to traditional courts of justice.

It brings together siblings, spouses, relatives and neighbours  who may have ruined their lives fighting prolonged legal battles and by effecting quick and effective redressal of  their grievances achieves swift and practical dispensation of justice.

It is for the first time in television where slices of unclothed realism extracted from the chapters of feuding families is depicted by the very characters enmeshed in the problem, so that the viewer experiences the bare truth in all its savage starkness.

Its episodes are mirrors that reflect common familial disputes and as such the audience  find echoes of their own disharmonies in them. Alerted against similar predicaments that may crop up in his life, he is equipped with ways to tackle such disasters if they should occur . Kathayalla, Ithu Jeevitham thus serves as a forewarning, a deterrent, a cautionary note or sometimes a wake-up call to many of its viewers.

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