Little World Sundays at 10.00 AM IST on Amrita TV

Little World on Amrita TV

Little World on Amrita TV

Little World Sundays at 10.00 AM IST on Amrita TV

Little World is a mid-summer holiday special show for tiny tots that adds zip to the carefree sunny days of outdoor sports, playstation  games and vacation trips.

Telecast  every Sunday at  10 am  it consists of an entertaining half-an-hour filled to the brim with an assortment of programmes, in which the petite viewers can get acquainted with exceptional youngsters, pick up tips on simple craft making and watch the antics of  adorable moppets like themselves.

The programme opens a window to extraordinary young individuals drawn from amongst their contemporaries  from all walks of life. Some of    them are prodigiously talented in certain areas while others are ‘atypical’ kids indulging in off beat activities such as devoting time for a social cause; awakening realization about environmental conservation; creating  public awareness  on the need to cut down electricity consumption etc. By showcasing such model youngsters, the show nudges their budding minds awake to new possibilities and encourages them to emulate the example of their peers.

There are enjoyable art and craft sessions in which the imaginative anchor reveals the trick of sketching figures with a few strokes of the pen or carving figures out of cardboard  in easy-to-do steps. Trying out  these examples will not only keep them creatively engaged but will also stroke their latent imagination and bring any hidden talents to the fore.

Every episode has candid camera clippings that have caught the lisped baby talk and bustling activities of  Lilliputian cherubs,  captured the  little imps of mischief at their naughtiest best.

Little World is a recreational diversion in between the non stop fun n’ games that guides  through entertainment  and teaches while amusing ,  thereby heightening  the enjoyment of the summer break.



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