Pravasa Jalakam Friday at 11.30 PM IST on Amrita TV

Pravasa Jalakam on Amrita TV

Pravasa Jalakam on Amrita TV

Pravasa Jalakam Friday at 11.30 PM IST on Amrita TV

Pravasa  Jalakam is a programme meant for  Non Resident   Keralites,  to educate and inform them about the efforts being made by the State Government  to rehabilitate the returnees and secure their well being, when they decide to come back home.

Kerala is a tiny strip of land almost lost in the boundary of the southern tip of India. But the Malayalee  diaspora blankets the whole globe, with its citizens dispersed in every country from  Europe to Central  Asia to the Gulf Nations. An estimated 4 million Keralites have migrated abroad, out of which a significant number live in the Gulf.

The story of the Gulf Malayalee, replayed thousands of times since the early seventies is a pathetic one – most of the time. After years of labour in the inhospitable desert that saps away their youth and health, the Gulfite  returns
home ; but in the absence of proper guidance he finds his hard earned savings melting away in a short while . In the end he is forced to either go back  to the Gulf or to spend the rest of his life in poverty and misery.

To make certain that the sorry tale does not keep on repeating itself, the State Government has stepped in with a package of plans and proposals that guarantee the smooth ‘transplantation’ of the expatriates. Practically every Government department from KSFE to the Coir Board have joined hands to devise ways and means to help these returning immigrants.

Pravasa Jalakam provides complete and detailed information about these array of schemes so that the   expatriates can use them to their benefit.
Through indepth interviews with the Ministers of the concerned Departments or the Chairman of an organization, Pravasi Jalakam provides  a platform for them to speak at length about their proposals  that the NRK’s may not be able to know otherwise.

Pravasa  Jalakam opens a window to the wealth of welfare schemes and investment opportunities developed by the State Government  to aid and assist Kerala’s expatriate millions take root once again in their native soil, when they finally return to their home land.



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