Amrita TV’s scoop of the year- Best Citizen Journalist-2

Best Citizen Journalist 2

Best Citizen Journalist 2

Amrita TV’s ‘Best Citizen Journalist’, was the first news based reality show to grace world television stage.Amrita TV brought together two explosive strains – reality shows, the glamour stars of the entertainment genre and investigative journalism, with the aura of a classic crime thriller clinging to it, to create a rare new hybrid dubbed the news based reality show.

In it, a group of citizen journalists unschooled in even the basic precepts of journalism turned the torchlight of righteous inquiry into the murky under belly of society to illuminate the corruption, bribery and depravity lurking just below the surface.

Best Citizen Journalist -2, like its prequel, is designed to unearth and mould citizen journalists who are not professional newsmen, but who nevertheless have a nose for news.

The contestants have to tackle a number of innovative rounds such as breaking news, Anti-corruption, Environmental issues etc, coming up with exclusives in each category.

The story or scoop submitted by the contestant is verified for its authenticity; if found satisfactory, a full-fledged camera crew accompanies the contestants to the scene of action and the report is transformed to film with hidden cameras
, if the expose is risky.

BCJ-2 has a new ‘challenger’ round in which, a deserving viewer who is not a part of the competition, but has an excellent scoop in hand will be given an opportunity to present the story alongside the contestants.

Telecast Monday to Thursday at 9.30 pm, the contestants are evaluated by a panel of judges, the permanent members being Mr Sasikumar, Chairman of Asian College of Journalism and Mr MG Radhakrishnan, India Today Special Correspondent.

‘Best Citizen Journalist -2’ has contestants ranging from professors to plumbers who have switched on their microphones against each other, ready to chase after scoops, deliver exclusives and uncover exposes.

The participants of ‘Best Citizen Journalist’ filed stories that had even the established media sit up and take notice. ‘Best Citizen Journalist-2’ in which the contestants are keeping their eyes skinned and ears peeled for stories that none dared to tell, promises to upstage its predecessor, startling and stunning both viewers and authorities alike.



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