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4 Responses

  1. krishna Sunder says:

    sir, i’m interestd to have the updates of kairali channel’s mind watch.

  2. RAMKUMAR says:

    I am using this oppurtunity, to express my protest towards an interview in PEOPLE TV , MIND WATCH programm, I viwed this programme (MIIND WATCH) on 14.05.2010 from a Middle East country (Qatar). In this programme ,Dr K.Girish (clinical Psychologist) was interviewing one lady named Parvathy and another Gentleman. The topic was something about Premarital Sex. I strongly protest her views that premarital sex is acceptable. People in India are still believing in strong Indian culture and heritage. Will that lady (Parvathy) encourage her own children to follow her policy(having sex anybody starting from the age of 18). If she believe in such nonsense philosophies let she and her family put that into practice , but dont impose those into the public.

    We are a regular viewers of this programme (MIND WATCH) in PEOPLE TV. For God sake dont invite peple like (Parvathy) to such programmes as we keep watching this programme with as a family.

  3. astrologerpromod says:

    We are a regular viewers of this programme (MIND WATCH) in PEOPLE TV. It is very sad to say that most of the questions raised in this programme is answerable through. VEDAS. For example: about preda, athma, rebirth, planet and its relation with mind and body, life after death etc are fully explained in VEDAS in its clear form ! All of them are commenting without a basic knowledge in these subjects ! These come from VEDAS, so first try to understand the meaning in which they said so. Don’t think that Panchali has 5 husbands. It is not the culture of Aryas or Vedavyasa ! Then it is foolishness to think that Panchai as a women has 5 husbands !. Try to find out the meaning behind it. YES. VEDA PURANOPANISHEDS are 100% science with history, art etc. Modern science contains ( Even modern medicine) only 20% science that in VEDAS( or even in AYURVEDA) !!. It explains how rockets are made to go and live in outer planets!!!

  4. astrologerpromod says:

    please make this correction…. instead of It is sad…… Pl correct it as It is Glad to say that ( First line)

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