Predict The Winner Of Idea Star Singer Season 5 and Win Nokia C2-03 Touch Phone

Predict The Winner Of Idea Star Singer Season 5 and Win Nokia C2-03 Touch Phone

Idea Star Singer Season 5

Idea Star Singer Season 5

Idea Star Singer Season 5

Idea Star Singer Season 5 Winner

Who Will Win the Title of Idea Star Singer Season 5 ?. Akhil Krishnan J, Antony John VJ , Immanuel Henry , Kalpana Raghavendar Or Mridula Varier ?. is conducting a Contest to our readers, Predict the winner of Asianet’s Musical Reality Show Idea Star Singer Season 5. One Lucky Reader will get a Nokia C2-03 Touch and Type (Black) Worth 4500 RS.

How To Enter This Contest ?

1, In the Comment area Put the Name of The Contestant.
2, Please comment With a valid Email Id, We need your valid email id for Prize Distribution.
3, Please Do not Put any of your Personal Information.
4, We will allow only one Prediction from an Email id.
5, Will not allow multiple submissions from same IP Address.


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Key Features Of Nokia C2-03

. Nokia Series 40 OS
. 2.6 Inch TFT Touchscreen
. 2 MP Primary Camera
. Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)
. GPRS And EDGE Enabled
. FM Radio With Recording
. Expandable Storage Capacity Of 32 GB

Note – Asianet or Idea Star Singer is Not a Part of This Contest.

Note – This Contest Closed – Winner Will Announce Soon. Thanks for all the comments.

Update – The winner is ” Raj Mohan “, We have sent a confirmation mail to Raj Mohan, Please Reply to the same with Your address, we Will dispatch The Gift to That Address.

134 Responses

  1. Sandeep Krishnan says:

    Mridula Varier

  2. Krishnan says:

    First my wishes to all the Finalists. Antony is my Favorite. My Prediction is Antony

  3. Revathi says:

    Kalpana. She will will the Title.

  4. vineeth P. says:

    mridula warrier

  5. archana says:


  6. sarath says:



    mrudula has paid the money and she is glamorus so she will get but the good singer is Immanuel

  8. Preetha Madhu says:

    Immanuel Henry

  9. Shaheer A hamza says:


  10. Sabith says:


  11. Immanuel henry says:

    He is the most talented among others. If u r a fan of anyone of the rest, you think manu is ur prime enemy isn’t???????? Dat wat means the truth!!! HE IS THE BEST!!!;)

  12. ANTONY JOHN VJ says:


  13. Raheeda says:


  14. shaheer says:


  15. Sarpras Navas says:

    Mridula Varier

  16. J.J.Pereira says:

    mridula varier will be the winner of Idea Star Singer Season 5

  17. Unnikrishnan.A.S. says:

    Antony John will rock in the finals. My prediction is Antony !

  18. Prashant says:

    Mridula Varier

  19. Sheeba Varghese says:

    Immanuel Henry —- He is the most deserving contestant for the title of Idea Star Singer—

    Let God shower blessings on him to win the title !

    Good luck Manu—

  20. dhanya says:

    immanuval Hentry

  21. Ramjith says:

    Immanuel Henry will be the winner

  22. Navaneeth.K.K says:

    Deepak JR

  23. Stanley Chandy says:

    Mridula Warrier

  24. suresh says:

    Deepak JR

  25. Nikhil K.P says:

    Deepak J.R

  26. Naushad says:

    Mridula Warrier

  27. Shamsheershah says:


  28. Roshan TA says:

    Deepak JR will be the Winner Of Idea Star Singer Season 5

  29. Kumaran says:

    ellavarkkum bavukangal.

    Deepak anu my favorite, My Answer to This contest is also Deepak.

  30. Shan says:

    Kalpana thanne winner.

  31. suresh s says:


  32. Deep says:

    Akhil . He’s gonna win..!

  33. Arun says:


  34. UNNICHAKKARA says:

    its so sad that shabeer didnt get the lifeline…. He sang better than anyone especially mrudula.. but she got the lifeline…. though he got higher mark than mrudula… its so sad that music is decided by money than talent… i dont understand that y they go for six person elimination than usual two or three… its just to make sure that the money providers are included… she is not worthy to be in the finals.. HATS OFF TO SHABEER.. YOU ARE A TALENTED SINGER…

  35. Keerthi says:

    Kalpana Raghavendar

  36. Bindu Santhosh says:

    Antony is my favourate singer.But the judges favourite is kalpana Raghavendar.Kalpana Raghavendar is the winner

  37. sarath says:

    @unnichakkara i dont think so..she is da best…she was in the top 1 position for 5 times and in top 3 for 6 times..hw abt shabeer??????? due to her throat infection she cud nt do her best in semi finale..but rockd in da elimination

  38. Ivan George says:


    Idea star Singer Season 5 : ANTONY JOHN VJ

  39. Anitta Valsan says:


  40. Raj Mohan says:

    Kalpana Will Win

  41. Aiswarya says:

    mridula will be the winner of idea star singer season 5

  42. soumya mg says:

    immanual will win the title of iss 5. all the best to the finalists.

  43. roshan pandalam says:

    idea star singer season 5 nte ella finalistinum enteyum familiyudeyum ella wishesum. ngangade favorite is Akhil. ee contestinte answerum athu thanne . Akhil Krishnan J

  44. UNNICHAKKARA says:

    you think she was top becoz of her singng..i dont think so.. whatever she sang they gave her marks… anyone can understand it.. in the elimination, deepak sang better than her but he was not gvn lifeline but eliminated…. in any final rounds was there more than three at the elimination round.. but here 6… its ridiculous…..

  45. Vijayalakshmi Meno I says:

    Mridula Warrier

  46. Nirmala says:

    Akhil will be the Winner of Idia Star Singer Season 5

  47. J.J.Pereira says:

    Mirdula Warrior will come first in the Grand Finale with out any doubt.

  48. Sinu Jacob Korah says:

    Mridula Warrier

  49. Lijo George says:

    Mridula Varier

  50. Soumya says:

    Akhil Krishna

  51. Kalpana says:

    M/S Kalpana will win the title.

  52. Murali says:

    Mridula Varier

  53. Rejesh R Panicker says:

    Immanue Henry will be the winner

  54. Rejesh says:

    Kalpana Raghavendra will be the winner

  55. Rejesh R says:

    Mridula Varier will be the winner

  56. Rejesh RP says:

    Akhil will be the winner

  57. RRPanicker says:

    Antony will be the winner

  58. Raicy says:

    kalpana will be a winner

  59. Flertine antony says:

    Mridula Varier

  60. Reiju.k.j says:


  61. latheesh says:


  62. Ajithraj says:

    Immanuvel Henry

  63. Bibin says:

    Antony John

  64. ANJU says:


  65. pooja says:

    antony… he will win

  66. SANOOP says:


  67. Sreedevi .R says:




  69. Kaveri says:

    Immanuel Henry … with no doubt

  70. Vinod says:

    Mridula Warrier

  71. ASB.Thampi says:

    Mridula the Winner

  72. Radhakrishnan says:

    Kalpana Thanne winner

  73. Lokanathana MV says:

    Akhil will Win.

  74. Ambika says:

    Immanual Will will be the winner of idea Star Singer Season 5

  75. immu says:


  76. Jeevan says:

    Kalpana will Win this Season , all the best to her.

  77. jithu chandran says:

    Who is The winner of Idea Star Singer Season 5 ?

    Answer is Akhil Krishnan. No chance to others, here all the members of my family supporting Akhil. Akhil all the best.

  78. Thambi Idukki says:

    Antony thanne jayikkanam. ellavarum antonikku vendi prathikkuka.

  79. Gopal says:


  80. Elisabeth says:

    Immanuel Henry

  81. Joby says:

    winner is Antony

  82. bhanuprakash says:


  83. rijojose says:

    mirdulla warrier 100

  84. sreeja says:

    antony will won

  85. Nikhil Thampy says:

    Antony The Winner

  86. sreekanth says:


  87. Aarathy Vinod says:


  88. Vinod Kumar says:

    Antony is sure to win

  89. Subin says:

    mridula warrier

  90. yedhu says:

    kalpana will be the winner

  91. Manoj says:

    First: Immanual
    Second: Kalpana

    Already released the finalist

  92. Jithin Jacob says:

    Kalpana Raghavendra

  93. shinu says:


  94. Anish sharath velayudhan says:

    Kalpana Raghavender

  95. Jimmy Pappachan says:


  96. Musthafa says:


  97. Dinkar says:

    First: Immanual

  98. SHIBU.A.S. says:

    Antony John will be the winner

  99. rennil theju says:

    antony john
    mridula warrier

  100. theju koshy says:

    first: kalpana
    second: antony
    third: emmanuel
    fourth: mridulla warrier
    fifth: deepak

  101. renjith says:


  102. theju koshy says:


  103. jack says:

    ANTONY :)))))

  104. Jimmy Pappachan says:


  105. Nathan says:

    When it comes to the ‘selection of the best Singer, sympathy factor should take back seat- Only Talent that matter – and Kalpana is the best

  106. Nathan says:

    Now an appeal to Asia net. Why don’t you start some quiz show other programmed other than finding singer? Can Kerala expect, Idea Star Mathematician, Idea Star Computer Expert, Idea Star G.K Master or Idea Star Communicator? How many singers do we require every year? Every 3rd youth in state is some sort of singer.
    It seems these are the slogans of Kerala Youth
    Etha Varunnu Etha Varunnu
    Kerla Yuva Janatha Etha Varunnu
    Pattu Padiym Nritham Chaithum
    Mimicri Parajum Komady Kattiyum
    Kerala Youthans Etha Varunnu
    Vere Onnum Namukku Venda
    Pattum Kuthum Mathram Mathi
    Nokki Resichum Kettu Resochum
    Nammal Vidunnu SMS Kuthira
    IAS Namkukku Venda
    IPS Vende Venda
    Quizum Venda, Matsum Venda
    Pattu Padi Kittiya Villa Mathi

  107. jithin says:

    Antony will be the winner

  108. jithin says:

    immanuel will be the winner

  109. Robin Jose says:


  110. ANTONY JOHN says:

    Antony John will be the winner

  111. JIJO JOHN says:

    antony john

  112. Lawrence Simon says:


  113. Vijay Dev says:

    1st – IMMANUEL
    2nd – Kalpana
    3rd – Mridula

  114. Ajay Krishnan says:

    1st = Kalpana
    2nd= Immanuel
    3rd= Mridula

  115. Vijay says:

    1st = Kalpana
    2nd = Mridula
    3rd = Immanuel

  116. hariram says:

    kalpana – first
    mridula – second

  117. Aromal says:

    Mridula will be the winner

  118. Aromal says:


  119. hariram says:


  120. hari says:


  121. Lawrence Simon says:


  122. Ajitha. S says: