Who Will Win The Title Of Malayali House Reality Show ?

Who Will Win The Title Of Malayalee House Malayalam Reality Show, Telecasting On Surya TV ?

Malayali House Winner

Malayali House Winner

At Present These Are In The House – 1) Neena Kurup, 2) G. S. Pradeep, 3) Dr.Asha Gopinathan (Saasha), 4) Rahul Easwar, 5) Rosin Jolly, 6) Sindhu Joy, 7) Thinkal Bhal and 8) Sherrin Varghese

38 Responses

  1. Thinkal Bhal Fans says:

    Thinkal Bhal Will Win.

  2. Akhila says:

    My Vote is To Neena Kurup

  3. Soman TG says:

    My Vote To Neena Kurup

  4. parvathy jayakumar says:

    i lik neena kurup hate rahul n rosin wht an actng oh……my jesus sahikn patunilaaa hell
    n my valuble vote is for thinkal shes rocking

    • sarath says:

      thinkal s always kept angry,doing rubbish fi8s 4 silly things…..dis s wat v called genuinity.?!!!
      rahul s simply playing fairly.
      nd he s d the only person dat dont get angry…..after all dis s a game….
      so rahul shud be the man

  5. siya fatima says:

    rahul easwer

  6. priya says:

    Thinkal 🙂

  7. aparnA says:


  8. Midhunarjeevan says:

    Bad program stop this,kottueaswaran joker program

  9. Chinnu says:

    Hai, I am a regular malayalee house watcher and my GOD what all things happening there.Some times feel to slap some people.I just hate that girl Rosin Jolly and why she want only Rahul Eshwars friendship only.She had no eyes for other good people and no use of having such a huge eye and an ever wide mouth and I will tell her don’t think of your beauty.A day will come for all to set everything and lost.So be humble and be good.
    I wish G.S Pradeep a very good luck and have a victory in this MALAYALEE HOUSE.
    The person left this house I have no commands and the people who are there also nothing to tell.But I will talk about theses two Rahul and Rosin and i can ask Rahul WHY?????????You are a gandson of such great person and you will spoil that for a silly and cheap girl as we all and so many watching this programe.

  10. dhanya says:

    rahul eshwart

  11. madhusudhan says:

    rahul ishwar

  12. remya says:

    Hai malayali house iam regular watching malaylihouse i think rocin jolly is natural beauty and she is frank and open relationship with rahuleswar but twinkle bal is fraud she is thinking iam smart and strait forward but shea is so much ego and jealasy .what is is ur problem for rahul and rocin friendship i think she is like rahul dont oversmart. Andsindhujoy ilike u r attitude best of luck….. rahul eswar best of luck for malyalee huse victory all the best

    • madhu says:

      What the hell that shame less bitch thinkal bal thinks hers self. I thought GS is good person(thanks to Soorya TV making us realize what he is),but he is acting like Chameleon. Roisin is trying to fool every one especially Rahul. Rosin is using Rahul b’coz she want to be in malayaali house. Sindu is a big acting politician (she cant marry any men b’coz all are brothers for her)I THINK RAHUL AND NEENA SHOULD WIN MALAYAALI HOUSE.

  13. SanjumoN MathaI VarghesE says:

    Hai Malayalee House.
    Njan 1st Ep Thottu Ellam Ep Kandu Kondirikkunna Oraal Aannu.
    Car Thodeel Malsarathil Ningal Parayunnathu Rahul Easwar Aannu Ippole Munpile Nilkkunnathu Ennu. Athu Enganae Shary Aakum????
    Kaaranam Ep-62 -35 Min Thottu Ningal Onnu Check Cheyu. Rahul Easwar Carile Thodaathae Nilkkunnathu Kaanaan Saathikkum.
    Atho Ningalum Kandittu Kandilla Ennu Nadikkukayaanno???
    Njangal Kaanunnavarae Viddikal Aakkanum Vendy???Samayam Illathidathu Samayam Undaakky Irunnu Kaanunna Oraal Aannu. Njangalae Dayavu Cheyithu Viddikal Aakkaruthu. Plz
    Mattulla Channel Cheyunnathu Polae Surya TV Cheyilla Ennu Pretheeshikkunnu.
    Malsarathae Malsaram Aayi Kandu Athil Panku Edutha Arhikkunnavarkku Car Kodukkuka. Saatharana Reality Showile Kaanikkunnathu Ningalum Nerathae Theerumaanichathaanno Rahul Easwarinu Car Kodukkanam Ennu.
    Please It Is My Request.
    Dayavu Cheyithu Prekshakarae Viddikal Aakkaruthu.

    Ithrayum Nalla Ratingum Kitty Surya TV Munnile Nilkkunna Samayathu Ningal Thettaya Oru Theerumaanam Edukkaruthu Ennu Sarvesharanodu Prarthikkam.

    Sury Tv KKum, Malayalee House Aniyara Prevarthakarkkum Nallathu Maathra Aagrahichu Kondu, Kerala Televisionile Oru Maattam Kondu Vanna Surya Tv kkum Ellavitha Aashamsakalum Nernnu Kollunnu.

  14. RajaSri says:

    Its my request pls throw that thingal out. Now she is playing against Neena bcoz of jealous as Neena is the strongest contestant now. She is the worst character girl, this much cultureless girl should not be there. Feel to change the channel while seeing that girl. This much frankness we cant accept pls. Dont punish us like this. Anybody in that house is much better than that Thingal.

  15. saju linus says:

    twinkle bala is fake . she is a shame to all women in india and a mystery animal she dont know what she want to prove trying to swim in the middle of sea. and pradeep g is trying to catch her even he dont know swimming haa

  16. renjith says:

    saasha gopinath

  17. Jose says:

    Neena is not so simple as she wants to be portrayed. She asks Rahul to speak to the caretaker of MH to repair the swing. Now we all know that the contestants are not supposd to speak to anyone from outside.When Thinkal points this out, Neena makes a hue and cry. At least she could have agreed that it was a mistake on her part instead of just blaming Thinkal. I hope Thinkal wins MH.

  18. rram says:

    Thinkal is best. Have you read MT Vasudevan Nair’s Kuttyadathi(there is an award winner movie also with same name). The girl, the society label as good is reality very dirty bitch and the girl who got the label as bad, is in reality good. I have seen many such people. All glitters are not gold. People who do good things without bothering what is his/her image and how others judge them and whether other get mistaken are good. But the people who try to make a good image at any cost are dangerous. Rosin is psychopath and fraud. Google for the words “Psychopath” and “fraud”. She shows may symptoms of psychopath. We, malaylees, need to learn to spot people like Biju Radhakrishnan and Solar Saritha and avoid them. They can be easily spot.

  19. Leny says:

    Thinkal ,,GS Pradeep really bad people..Rahul And Rosin good friendship.Simply Thinkal bal is making issues around them.Thinkal Bal is jealousy character and GS PRadeep he is also bad character.

  20. Leny says:

    We all love Rosin

  21. Rajeev says:

    Thinkal Bal is not a mere actress. She will be great writer, intellectual or film director. She is bold and frank. What she speaks in public, she speaks in private. She tell what she feel straight, so that the speaker can correct and justify speaker’s position.

    Even if she gets emotional sometimes and uses bad words, it is pardonable considering her sincerity and well intention.

    Rosin pleases everybody and talk ill behind their back. She is playing “potty pennu”(innocent infant baby) but she is very cunning, crooked, selfish and fake.

  22. emy says:

    i think rahul

  23. nnair says:

    Rosin is not ready to correct inspite of everthing happened. She is cunning and rahul is unknowingly in her net. She wants to spoil his life. She will go to any extend for her evil motives

  24. venu says:

    ee g s pradeeepinu idakkidak nenju vedana anennu parayunnallo…dear grand master njangal ningalil ninnum pratheekshichath ithalla..ningal ippo mattullavare kond kalippikkykayanu swayam kalikkukayalla.ennappinne ningalkku veetil poi rest eduthal pore….mattullavarengilum kalikkatte…

  25. Mariam says:

    Malayalee house is a show we enjoy watching everyday. More than an entertainment, it helps people to analyse different characters and behavious in different scenarios and we should be able to adapt some of the good qualities we see in people there . I think Rahul is a great person , like he himself mentions , every fmaily and society need someone like him. People who doesnt have kindness and love for human may not undersatnd the value of him and can misundersatnd him as a player. But he genuinely is being a very good moderator trying to balance out, understanding why some people behave some ways , somtimes. Instead of taking things personally he is showing the patience to understand people deeply which is a great quality every human should try to develop. Its really nice to see a good freindship between Rahul and Rosin and really appreciates Deepa for having a deep confidence in her husband and understanding the game.I wish Rahul wins the malayalee houe.

  26. sarath kumar says:

    Pradeepji poya malayali houe eni venda,we Love pradeepji………………

  27. Sarath Kumar says:

    Pradeep poyi eni………….sindu

  28. UNNI NAIR says:

    sindu pokum ,thinkle pokum saksha pokum fight will be with rahul eeswar and neena ,ultimately the succes will bless rahul eeswar,he is roll model for every house ..

  29. Gayathri says:

    Rosin should be eliminated. i hate her to the core . She s very cunning and crooked witch .
    I lov Thinkal Bal , she should win the title.
    we want GS .Pradeep back
    Now a days Neena also started backbiting others , she should be eliminated with Rosin

  30. Veena V Menon says:

    I like Malayalee House But I hate Rosin Jolly She should be out from malayalee house She is Fake lady Jealousy dirty bullshit I want throw rock on her face.You should make her out please .Her face is full Jealous She is not beauty her comment but we think that comment is right. Pradeep should not be out Rosin should be out.

  31. ajith says:


  32. Arun Tom says:

    Hehe, Thinkal Wons The Show. Where Is Rahul Fans.

  33. sureh says:

    Hi Guys;

    This is not malayali house ..and that was OOLAAA house .. He got OOlla pattom…

  34. Sree vishnubuddhan S o says:

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