Poothiruvathira Ravil – We TV Saturday Classic

Poothiruvathira Ravil – We TVSaturday Classic Movie Of This Week

Poothiruvathira Ravil

Poothiruvathira Ravil

We TV Saturday Classic Showing Poothiruvathira Ravil on Saturday 11 June 2011 at 9.30 P.M

Directed By  : V. R. Gopinath
Music : M. G. Radhakrishnan
Cast : Vijayaraghavan, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Balu Namboodiri, Chippy, Beena Antony

Raghu is the only surviving male member of an old and rich traditional house (Tharavadu) in a village in Kerala. He is a staunch devotee of the family Goddess whose idol is worshipped in the uppermost room of the traditional house. The atmosphere in Raghu’s ancestral home is both fascinating and astounding to Radha, the wife of Raghu. His subconscious troubles him over the fear that the Goddess would get angry if he sleeps with his wife. She is never satisfied physically or mentally by her husband and lives as a prisoner in the big house.  One day, when Raghu goes to pray to the Goddess as usual, he hears the sound of the Goddess’s anklets in prayer room. He feels that the Goddess has come to life. He falls at the deity’s feet asking her to forgive him for any sins he has committed. He sees his wife, Radha in the image of the Goddess.

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