Live Telecast Of Veruthe Alla Bharya Season 2 Finale On Mazhavil Manorama

Veruthe Alla Bharya Season 2

Live Telecast Of Veruthe Alla Bharya Season 2

Live Telecast of The Family Reality Show, Veruthe Alla Bharya Season 2 Grand Finale On 6th January 2013 On Mazhavil Manorama from 6.30 P.M onwards.

Veruthe Alla Bharya Season 2 Final Couples are

1, Sunil and Manju
2, Saleem and Babitha
3, Sam and Viji
4, Sabu and Simi
5, Bobby and Dhanya

Update – The Winners are Sam and Viji – Click Here To Read More info about the details of Veruthe Alla Bharya Season 2

13 Responses

  1. Veruthe Alla Bharya Season 2 says:

    Who Will Win the title of Veruthe Alla Bharya Season 2 ?

  2. ummar Dubai says:


  3. shilpa says:

    waiting.. hope sam or sabu will win.. all the best

  4. HM says:

    Rimi Tomy has been a disaster. The small-town girl magic might have worked initially, but as time passed, she hasn’t grown up; instead she is attempting to take everyone down to her level. Pathetic! Manorama would do well to take notice.

  5. abc says:

    it is a total cheating that sam is selected as the winner. he is the only huband out of the 5 finalist, who is not talented at all. it is very well clear that the judges played a stupid game and selected him as the winner. that is what they did in the last stage also, gave him high marks for all his blunders. sabu performed so well, salim also peformed so well, but the jugdes’ eyes were blind. and also the clinical psychologists also played a bad game in the last stage to support sam.
    to all the viewers of this show, the winner of this show was selecyted more than 3 months before and all this is only for cheating the people of kerela

  6. George says:

    VAB has become a telebrands show for gold, jewellery and textiles clothes shoes.
    What a weird way making families pose as models to many malayalees watching on TV it is really trying to westernize kerala ppl and loose its ideals and values.
    Just think the impact going to kids as children also modelling in these rounds at young age.
    VAB is just a marketing show with an anchor who wants all families to dance normally malayalee families are not following north indian culture.
    The anchor does not and cannot handle serious situations in rounds and fast forwards and jumps to marks immeditately.
    It’s name is better Veruthe Advertisement thru Marketing products thru malayalee families. Lack of reaction from malayalee public.

  7. George says:

    Sunichan and Salim were the needy deserving worthy for prizes actually.

  8. Sarika says:

    congads sam and viji…you really deserve it…the judges made the right decision..sam dont have much talents in dance…but he has showed his talents in other rounds…if he dont deserve this he wouldn’t have reach this stage..sam and viji are the real couples…we cant say that dancing couples are the real joddy..because dance has no important in life.sam and viji reach ths stage because of their honesty and his innasence…Iam really happy for them…….

  9. varshabindhu says:

    congrads all f u..Swethaji we r waiting 4 bak 2 d show.

    R= Rocking

    E= Energy

    M= Manage to the audiance

    I= Innasence

    remi ur a glittering star…

  10. lakshmi says:

    once again Manorama shows der christian preference

  11. shaji says:

    @lakshmi.. what your talking.. plse dont bring religion in reality shows.. sam really deserve to win the title.. he also got max: sms..

  12. ppp says:

    y not showed the repeat telecast of Verutheyalla bharya season 2?

  13. anna says:

    as i read the comment of George……..i felt so sorry…………i feel he would have born 2 generations back to criticize such a rated program…..

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