Veeraputhran – Movie Premiering On Kairali TV

Kairali TV Premiering The Malayalam Movie ” Veeraputhran ” on Sunday, 19th August 2012 at 3.00 P.M



The film is about the eventful history of Malabar during India’s independence struggle. The film primarily focusses on the life of Mohammed Abdul Rahiman, a frontline freedom fighter and Congress leader, known for leading the Khilafat Movement. It covers the period in Malabar history starting with the arrival of Abdul Rahiman in Kerala at the age of 23, after discontinuing his education in Aligarh, up to his demise in 1945. The story travels through Rahiman Sahib’s desperate failure in the election of 1934, the thrilling win that reclaims his position in the election of 1937, and the departure of his soul mate, whose wardrobe he carries with him as an un-detachable remembrance.

Movie Availability and Show Times are Subject to Change

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