Vanita Ratnam Grand Finale Telecast On 19th Dec at 3.30 P.M on Amrita TV

All Eyes Trained on Vanita Ratnam Grand Finale Telecast On 19th Dec at 3.30 P.M

Vanita Ratnam Final

Vanita Ratnam Final

Fortunes fluctuated as wildly as a weathercock on a windy day during the Grand Finale of Vanita Ratnam, as the question of the best contestant of Season -4 was being settled once and for all.

Blessy, Chothy and Divya, the 3 finalists who entered the ultimate combat zone, staked their claim to the crown  by proving their worth, caliber and tenacity in no uncertain terms.

In the 3 way tug of war, the contestants pursued their quest for the prize the same way they had approached the preceding rounds: by letting their talent speak for them.

None gave the others a quarter in the tussel for the title as they faced the challenges put up by the 3 exacting rounds in the final phase of the competition.

In the Expression Round, each emoted the Navarasangal, the nine emotions of Kathakali from Sringaram to Bheebalsam which could be conveyed through dance, poetry, puppetry, painting or any other artistic medium.

The Free Round  which was not dictated by any particular theme, left  the space completely at the participant’s disposal to demonstrate her talent.

The Question & Answer Round  put the contestant  on her toes since she   had to shoot back with  snappy rejoinders  to the battery of rapid fire questions leveled at her by the 7 member Jury consisting of Murali Menon, Kalpana, Methil Devika, Geetha Bakshi, Amar Rajan  and Shyamaprasad.

The heart thudding frenzied excitement of the fierce contest was fired up by exhilarating dances from renowned danseuse Methil Devika who presented her master piece ‘Chilappathikaram’ ;Krishnapriya Nasir the winner of Vanita Ratnam-3 with her risky contemporary dance on a ring suspended from the roof; an astounding accordion rendition by Fezin of Super Talent etc.

As the competitors went  after the crown hammer and tongs, the scores seesawed between them, paving the way for a tight finish.

With each contestant re-affirming her right to the crown with outstanding performances in the final face off, enthusiasts of  Vanita Ratnam  awaiting the Finale telecast with breathless anticipation are assured of a whale of a competition on the afternoon of December 19th .

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