Vanita Ratnam – 3 on Amrita TV

Vanita Ratnam 3

Vanita Ratnam 3

A contest to find the Super Mom in Kerala.—a complete woman who is an optimal blend of womanhood and motherhood

Filmed live on studio sets created for the purpose,as also outdoors. Contestants will perform in specific categories such as acting, dancing, singing, initiative, skills, besides various customized innovative rounds…

Vanita Ratnam-3 is the third season of India’s first talent hunt show for young mothers It is a contest to determine the most complete woman in Kerala. Vanita Ratnam will be a pageant of dance, music skills and newly discovered talent. Amrita Televison has launched an entirely new and totally unique concept for Malayalam Televison, focused on the one subject near and dear to the hearts of all Keralites, family and motherhood. The show will be a source of inspiration for showcasing mothers in particular,and the family in general

This program will explore a wide range of talents that a mother must have to be a perfect blend of womanhood and motherhood

To qualify as contestants, applicants were required to be a mother and have at least one child. The final contestants will be selected during audition shows scheduled at various locations in Kerala

Celebrities who have excelled in different spheres will form the jury Many new and innovative segments will be added in Vanita Ratnam-3 .

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