Vadakakkuoru Hridayam Starts June 8 Mon-Fri 7 pm on Amrita Tv

Vadakakkuoru Hridayam

Vadakakkuoru Hridayam

Vadakakkuoru Hridayam

Through a handful of closely intertwined characters, Padmarajan holds up a mirror, to life as it existed in Kerala almost four decades ago, faithfully reflecting a microcosm of society and addressing issues of marital hood, male-female equations and the plight of women.

Set in Mid-Travancore in the 1970’s, the serial narrates the tale of three women, Aswathy, Saraswathy and Malini, whose lives are inextricably linked to and influenced by Kesavankutty, the main male protagonist of the story.

The story opens with Aswathy eloping with Kesavankutty, only to repent her decision when she discovers that both her love and trust are totally misplaced. For, her paramour is neck deep in an affair with the bewitchingly beautiful Malini, a struggling theatre artiste who has latched on to Kesavankutty , a small time politician, whose star is on the rise. The hapless Awathy is given asylum by Sadasivan Pillai, whom she eventually marries. Driven by the ambitious Malini, Kesavankutty traverses a path tainted by corruption and wrong-doing, even as his career rockets to dizzying heights. En route, he is mesmerized by Saraswathy, Malini’s younger sister, but she staves off his amorous advances intelligently.The serial has an emotional climax

The 3 central women characters are potrayed by the timid, submissive Aswathy who gets exploited; the strong-willed Saraswathy whose uses her intelligence to good effect and Malini, the ambitious type who drives men to ruin.

Directed by K.K.Rajeev, one of the foremost directors of the miniscreen, this television version is based on the Padmarajan’s classic novel of the same name. Renowed writer and acclaimed scriptwriter/director of landmark films such as ‘Thoovanathumbikal’ and ‘Moonampakkam’, he is one of the pioneers who steered Malayalam films to the path of Middle Cinema that strove to strike a delicate balance between artistic merit and commercial appeal.

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