Team V.I.P Is Vodafone Comedy Stars Winners

Team VIP The Winners

Team VIP The Winners

Team VIP is the Winner of Asianet’s Vodafone Comedy Stars
After a tough competition of three years, India’s first comedy reality show Vodafone Comedy Stars declared their winners in the grand finale.

Team VIP was declared as the best team . Ullas Pandalam of team Four stars was adjudged as the best comedian. Alongside judges Jagadeesh,Saikumar, Maniyanpillai Raju and Kalpana , Jayaram,Madhu, Suraj Venjaramoodu , John Brittas and Bindhu Panicker were also present.

Ullas Pandalam

Ullas Pandalam

Team Four Stars declared as the first runner-up, Chirikkudukka declared second runner-up & last but not the least, Comedy Cousins and Rasikar secured the third & fourth runners-up spot respectively in the grand finale.

Team VIP received flat worth Rs.25 Lakhs sponsored by Kent Constructions ,first runner-up received Rs.4 of cash prize sponsored by Karikkineth group , Second runner up got Rs. 2 lakhs of cash prize, third runner up got 1 lakhs and forth runners-up received 6 gold coins respectively.

75 Responses

  1. Team Four Stars says:

    Team Four Stars, The Real Winners

    • Ashish says:

      FOUR STARS was to be the winners…They deserve it…
      Winners….FOUR STARS
      1st Runner up…….VIP
      2nd Runner up…..COMEDY COUSINS
      3rd Runner up……CHIRIKKUDUKKA
      4th Runner up……RASIKAR
      Anyway, Congrats TEAM VIP

  2. Jacob says:

    Congrats Team VIP

  3. Joby says:

    Dedicating This To Arun Venjaramoodu

  4. Nelson Fan says:

    Congrats Nelson and Team VIP.

  5. sunil nedumangad says:

    The real winners is Ullas& team (four stars) any way keep it up ullas &team congrts

  6. KS Sarin says:

    Team Four stars were the right team to be awarded winner!!!
    But any how congrats VIP!!!

  7. Prakash says:

    Asianet Once again cheated keralites. yesterday’s finale not live.

  8. Jishnu says:

    Team 4 stars should be declareda as winners……. the things have turned around ‘bad judgement’
    any way congrats team vip

  9. Jins Sebastian says:

    The actual winner is team 4 stars if we consider comedy & laugh. However, the team VIP won by blending comedy & amazing acting (only by Nelson’s one man show). All the very best to 4 stars for the wonderful future (I am little worried about Ullas’s new house construction since the rising expenses). May God give nice chances to Ullas (in movies etc.). Ullas is talented to be a leading comedian in Malayalam cinema industry. But, he has to try & prove his skill in character roles also (as Nelson).

    • mohan says:

      nice comments.. really Ullas has great talent and deserve to be in film industry.. he can .. i too wish him all de best..

  10. Thankkappan says:

    4 Stars was the best team yesterday. But VIP win the prize. Poor judging… eventhough VIP worth to win it based on previous performances…

    • Jins Sebastian says:

      Yep. I noticed a slight lenience to team VIP from the judges (especially the chief judge). I smelt some personal closeness among judges & team VIP from long back. Team VIP got perks from judges for average performances also. I like the way Anup Chandran & Raju chettan evaluate the performance. Other judges are also good. The chief judge always creates storm in tea cup by chattering, shouting & by unwanted interuptions. I think Sri. Jagadeesh does not act in movies; he behaves as he is.
      It is hard to believe that he is an M.Com rank holder, Professor and a grandfather (grand daughter is Karthika who can be more matured in behaviour than him) as per his immatured behavior on public places & stages. His knowledge, energy, enthusiasm etc. become shadowed by his tongue…..

  11. Jagan says:

    Each team performed almost 75 skits.. for 25lac flat… i.e., 1lac per 3 skits 😛
    I’m sure, those runner ups will be lost their home already 🙂

  12. Leena says:

    Poor Judgment by Asianet. Stopped Watching Because of This Kind Stupid Judgement.

  13. Thamban says:

    Heard That Each team will get a fixed amount (1 Lakhs) per episode for the Performance. Asianet fooled the malayalees 3 years.

  14. santhosh pandit says:

    I will only watch next season, if they change Jagadeesh and Shruthi Menon 🙁
    The jokes are really boring…………….

    Tired of watching COMEDY in Television……………

  15. Benny says:

    The real winner is “Team 4 Stars”, congratulations Ullas and Team. A clear judgement of common man is with you, unfortunately the the judge’s partiality in the judgement made you the the runner up… but the entire veiwers are giving the first prize to you.

    Yesterday’s judgement was absolutely a blunder and this shows the poor and partiality of the permanent judges towards assessment , the team VIP was eligible not more than 3rd prize based on yesterday;s performance….

    Asianet and Mr.Britas, these kind of judgement make the viewers to suspect the credibility of Asianet’s realiaty shows……

    Ullas and team— Hearty congratulations………………..

  16. Savithri says:

    Real Winners are Ullas Pandalam and Team, Bad Luck team 4 Stars 🙁

  17. Dileep says:

    This is pre planned judgement. team VUP is not a best team. Jagadeesh and Kalpana like team VUP especially Nelson – every time act like drunkard and our fellow super judges says they are the best.

    Congrats for the drunkard VUP team

  18. Vineeth says:

    Congrats team VIP

  19. Manoj says:

    Team Fours stars deserve the Title. My award goes to Ulllas Panthalam & team. they are creative in Humour. VIP doesn’t deserve even 2nd Prize too. The prizes was pre decided. Nelson’s Kallukudiyan is getting bored again. I don’t understand the meaning of LIVE program after watch Asianet Live programs. Also noted that Baiju has collected the prize for Four Stars.. It seems Four stars walked out for the poor judgement. And finally when Shruthy called all the runner ups on the stage for a song..none other than Team VIP was presented.

  20. anu says:

    yes if you watch the previous episodes you can understand that VIP is the team who deserve know we can’t predict the winner only on the basis of a single episode.then how can you say that winner is four stars.ULLAS is a good script writer.but NELSON and all his tram mates are very good actors.they had provoked proved it many times.they don’t needra powerful sctilt to perform was the right judgement.

    • VINOD says:





  21. Alex says:

    Once again a show of poor judgement and partiality…no wonder Four Stars stayed away from the prize…

  22. Jagadish says:

    Raju and Kalpana given more marks for Four Stars, but who the hell are they to judge if I am here, so in first time in history I have declared winner without saying Mark.

    NB : Actual winners are Four stars not Team VIP. Don’t play with Jagadish.

  23. preetha says:

    foolish judgement , the viewers are not stupid, all rounds team four stars skits very interesting. team vip skit some time low levels, but four stars all skits are very nice, mr. jagatheesh please ask your self the judgement is correct. i cannot belive this judgement. i am stopped watching this kind of stupids. ullas and team is the original winner, ullas and team dont worry, all viewes know you are the original winner, iam very angry with this stupid judgement.ullas god bless you and your teams,

  24. Rekha Manoj says:

    Over the past 3 years we were the regular viewers of the Comedy star and only the the team four star performed consistently. About team VIP during first year they performed well but after that their performance were quite boring including in the final. Actually the Winner is the team FOUR STAR and the judgement was incorrect. We don’t know why they support team VIP. Don’t worry FOUR STAR. the viewers are with you, ignore the judgement. and hearty congratulations.

  25. BABU NAIR says:

    actually team 4 stars was supposed to be the winner. poor judging – congratulates Mr. Ullhas for the efforts he and his team taken. Keep it up Ullhas once again

  26. Mathew.K.G. says:

    The judgement was not correct.Team FOUR STARS yesterdays as well as Previous rounds were excellent.For the public who really enjoyed and in feature they will promote ULLAS AND TEAM ONLY (FOUR STARS)There joks were standered also always rememberMr.Jagadeesh is not a perfect jury he clearly proofed yesterday .Team VIP ALWAYS PROMOTE DRUNK ALSO SEX WORDS /SHOWS .I HATE THIS JUDGEMENT SPECIALLY JAGADEESH it will reflect in his feature shows and films

  27. Babu says:

    Who Played in the Final, Jagadeesh ?. Who the Hell are you to pick VIP as Winners. congrats Team Four Stars.

  28. Saleem says:

    Poor Mallus, Again cheated. Asianet Repeats their history in Reality Show Finals.

  29. Gopikrishnan says:

    Very sad to say all the team’s performance in the final was below average when compared to their previous performances.The final was totally boring except the Egyptian dance. Among the performers,no doubt 4 stars were better.Even when we compare the previous performances,four stars are better.Four stars and comedy cousins are the two teams entered elimination round in few occasions compared to the winner.There is no doubt Nelson is talented artist,but as a group performance judgment, judges should have considered not only the individual performance but some other points also.If there were SMS voting as normally applied for other shows in the same channel,sure,the result would have been different.Hearty congrats to the teams participated and special congrats to background designers and art section.

  30. unmesh says:

    the real winner team 4 stars..

  31. Sibin Unni says:

    Congrats team VIP

  32. Mohammed Riyaz A says:

    as a regular viewer of the pgm & its grand finale also, I agree with the responses above. FOUR STARS r the deserving winners for their consistent & standard performance throughout the show & final also. I feel judges were biased, emotionally & would have decided winners before the finale itself. Rasikar also performed well in the final.. In my opinion, II VIP, III Comedy cousins (disappointed in finals, otherwise the best team work) IV Rasikar (for final performance) & V Chirikuduka

    • SURESH says:

      100% I agree with your comments. Actually 4stars is the winner . They wins blessings of all viewer’s (not a villa of Rs. 25 lakhs).

    • Abhi says:

      Agree with you. 4 stars is the best comedy team. Really cheating. We stopped watching the other comedy show also.

  33. Anoop says:

    Team FOUR STARS is the real winner.I didn’t expect this from Jagadeesh ,such a ba***d*ess

  34. PREETHA says:



  35. Mahadev says:

    Really, Team Four stars was fantastic last day and should be the real winners , But after alot of episodes, the judgement will be based on all their previous performance.
    I really wished Fourstars to be the winner considering there 2 rounds , VIP did it well but less than four stars.
    The reasons could be,
    1)Arun’s accident death (sentiments) Suraj venjaramood was also there.
    2) One participents marriage on same day ..which gets more audience attention.
    3) Last used the stage and make people into true spirit using the patriotic message.
    4) But the Sneham round4 star did a great job good script as, even in the climax also more than sentimental they make it a Humor that is what they need to get the score.

  36. Baiju K U says:

    I think the judges very biased coz of the demise of Mr Arun who was part of VIP and he was a cousin of the Comedian Mr.Suraj Venjarammmoodu. I have been watching this show for quite some time and I used to watch the program of Ullas and Nelson. Ullas is natural comedian but Nelson creates laughs through his jesters, actions or on his own laughs.
    The standard of the program that Ullas and team played through out the show is outstanding and the language they used were always civil. But in the case of Nelson, sometimes they were not upto the mark and they used sexual words and drunken seens to create laughs. Overall rating of team four stars should be well above VIP in all respects. I dont know what favored the judges to gave it to VIP . Too bad for Jagadeesh, Kalpana & Raju for selecting VIP as best team..

  37. Anver Kanneeri says:

    when concerned grandfinale day’s performance,team Four stars is winner..but when we look overall performance,team VIP is deserved For all best wishes to Team VIP especially To my Nelson……

  38. Anver Kanneeri says:

    when concerned grandfinale day’s performance,team Four stars is winner..but when we look overall performance,team VIP is deserved For all best wishes to Team VIP especially To my Nelson……

  39. mohammed says:

    really we agree with all comments posted as team four stars are the real winner.They deserve it .comparing with all episodes the grand finale fell down to substandard.very poor judgement.All the best for Ullas ,Joby,Ajith,Manoj and other supporting cast

  40. Praveen G says:

    Lot of things from yesterday’s Vodafone Comedy Stars Grand Finale raising question against common man’s logic.

    1. Most anticipated program for the past 3.5 yrs,rstricted to the same congested studio.Normally Asianet goes to outdoors(stadiums) for making the show a grand success.It diddn’t happen here.May be the reason that fan’s will make some problems if these type of results come.

    2.Live…Live..Live.. someone from Asianet updated in his facebook profile by 10.48 pm that show over and ‘VIP’ the winners..we are still waiting and watching the great show for the results till 12:00..What a LIVE..

    3.Atfer declaring the winner,some scenes edited nicely.4 Stars where nowhere in the stage or screen.Byju Melila represented 4 stars to accept the rewards.What the helll..? If these scenes happend in front of thousands in stadium,Jagadeesh,Byju Melila even Britas wont be survived form there..I think thats y Jagadeesh invited editors and congratulated their efforts in saturday episode…Nice work EDIOTORS,in a LIVE program..

    4.For the past 3.5 yrs, after each skit great comedy happend in the name of SMS. VCS sapce . Evide ellam evide..? Final nu Vende Vote..?

    5.Maniyan Pilla was stairing at VIP team during their 2skits as we did.No comedy,nothing to laugh.Nelson’s drunken show-off’s and serious patriotism.what was the comedy in last skit..? Is patriostism is a comedy thing ? and wer is Jayaram..? Main Judge..?

    VIP is a good team.but in most skits,there will be Nelson’s 1 man show.if nelson won’t be there for skit,noby and others gets some attention.
    4 Stars performs as a team.They have good scripts and each member having there own roles to perform.They keeps the standard of comedy also.

    What Four Stars did is excellent.Walking out.While accepting the best comedian award also,it was pretty clear in Ullas’s face ..

    No need to worry 4 Stars.. we know u are the real stars…

    WeLL DonE……!!

    • Sudheer says:

      I too agree with the comments by majority here. It reflects a view of normal malaylee who has been watching this show since the beginning. Ullas and his team is the best among all. They keenly observe the things and present it humourously. In one of the skits Ullas’s “Kutti pappan” charecor won the hearts of millions. Even that skip is one of the best in its kind. I came to know about a marriage system followed by a section of Christians in the central Kerala.( I don’t remember the name of that class) from that particular skit. I don’t say all skits performed by them are excellent, there were some skits which were laking humor and logic also. It happened with all of the teams, even with VIP. We can reason it as they are getting more stage programmes and it cause the practice for the relaity show performance.
      Jagdish, Kalpana and Raju sir, we were expecting one of the best judgement from you all, but you all made us disappointed. Have you been biased by someone? You lost your self respect. Is it shameful? Don’t be partial to any one, millions of malayalees are watching you too….

  41. vijayan says:

    Definitely Fourstar team were the real winner and best comedians. Jagadish should not be the chief judge nor judge for the next episode as he feels that best comedies are like what he has done in his filims which is not.

  42. Unnikrishnan says:

    Stupid Decision by Judges.

    Guys,Did you notice the faces of these stupid Judges during VIP’s Skits. There was ZERO expressions on there faces. Even audience were sit silently,like watching a boring movie. It was clearly a one man show by Nelson (He is a great comedian that i know and I am a fan of him) .But most of the time he is in the role of KALLU KUDIYAN and taking the control of whole team and doing some non sense. Yesterday it was quite boring. Also we can’t consider the last skit of VIP as a Comedy skit. It was something else. Nelson is saying some thing and others are walking around him. JUDGES.. THIS STAGE IS FOR COMEDY.. NOT FOR DRAMA.. PLS UNDERSTAND THIS.

    ULLAS and team, Guys you were rocking and Skits were AWESOME. it was enriched with natural and standard comedy. I realy enjoyed a lot.. Our support always with you guys..

    I think team FOUR STARS was the consistent performers of Comedy Stars and they are the Real Winners ..

    • Sarath Sreekumar says:

      Yessss Unnikrishnan, I strongly agree with you. It was a stupid decision. I have been watching this programme since 2011. In the beginning the first phase, team VIP did a very good job, they have done some very good skits, they came up with some good ideas but they didn’t make it throughout programme.

      And It was team Four Stars who made it happen, they started with some excellent skits, fantastic appearance and off course new comedy experience. They have kept the same acceleration till the finale. In the final also they were really rocking and i am sure they have got denied a deserving win.

      Team comedy cousins and chirikkudukka also have done really well. I still wonder how can they make such a decision.,. it was a good Judging panel, but they were totally mistaken. I am totally disappointed with Asianet.

      For me its Four Stars, they are the real winners as they have won many hearts with natural performance.

      Lets hope they will get good opportunities in future.

    • akshay peter says:

      You guys are all telling the true decision.Team four stars were the best but the fate and judges defeated them.Even my family,friends and relatives want 4stars to win.The judge’s decision were wrong

  43. Alvin says:

    Four star was the best and deserving team. Team VIP’s last program was not a comedy show it was just a drama. I dont believe in their judgement. As someone said above, Nelson is always laughing himself looking at the judging panel and at time his skits were boring. I feel team VIP is not even good for 1st runner up position.

  44. jaison says:

    Dear judges you people have no sense of humor……. there is a big difference between team VIP & FOUR STARS. Team four stars did the best comedies on the stage of vodafone comedy stars. Just listen to the grand finale skits of VIP & Four stars. Four stars were amazing and standard comedy. What comedy made you judges VIP the winner?? VIP is a good team but not the best. Its just a one man show , repeating comedy and character by nelson. Team FOUR STARS are real winner of this comedy show …..if it is in terms of real quality and standard comedy.

  45. Chanthu says:

    Really stupid decision by the judges. As all know 4 STARS were the real winners. They were awesome, especially ULLAS. In the finals 4 STARS were far far ahead of Team VIP.
    Judges, are you not ashamed ???

  46. Muthukulathe Mon says:

    Four Stars Rocks…even though they r victims of bad judgement,they have a good future..
    We invited Ullas n team for a program in our native, for our temple utsavam…:-)

  47. jai@chennai says:

    see dis comments.. All of them has d same opinion. Asianet cheated d team four stars.. ITS TRUE… THERE IS A FOUL PLAY IN JUDGMENT. WE R NOT FOOLS. A COMEDY PROGRAM ENDED WITH A TRAGEDY

  48. minimol says:

    hey wat a judgement is this. the actual winners shud have been team four stars, i will give u reasons for what i told this, the first thing team four stars have never ever entered elimination from past three years and in the final elimination round there was team vip and some how they got into the programme, and if you check from past three years average marks and the votes definitely ullas and team will be first cos they have got full marks in most of the rounds, and they have very much talent to make meaningful and natural comedies and the great example is the link here what i have give pls watch this you tube video( you will know how much their brain worked for this skit. And moreover they gave ullas finally a best comedian award only cos judges themselves felt guilty for not giving them the first place, and the greatest mistake what they did is every prize was give from last then why did they make ullas and team to stand their and give team vip the prize first. it was really wrong like insulting four stars and i felt it was like making them stand their purposely to see team vip’s enjoyment all this was very very bad indeed. anywas given is given cant take back, but jagadeesh sir if your judgement is in this way we are not gonna watch ur programme from next season for sure not only me people those who have common sense will not watch your next season. congrats team vip…. and dear ullasettan n team need not worry the whole of kerala is supporting you and your are the actual winners this is nothing you have a lot in your way to conquer. all the best….

  49. Narayanan says:

    I am sad such a good show ended in such a bad note . Why people can not honest . Yes Fours Stars are the winners .

  50. Bijoy Jacob says:

    4 SUPER STARS both skits – Love and Favourite skit round – Team Four Star did way better than all other team but decision of the judge was so upset us….The REAL winner is FOUR stars they deserve FIRST place….I like VIP team but VIP team first skit was so boring too many louds on stage…I watched again and again FOUR star comedy that was awesome and good message…..Can’t believe this judgement….

    As a viewer I think third place has to go team Comedy Cousins…..

    Bj , USA.

  51. Narayanan says:

    I am sad such a good show ended in such a bad note . Why people can not be honest . Yes Fours Stars are the winners .

    • benny says:

      Yes relay best team four star best team acting with comedy. they have professional touch .today i stop watching foolish judgement comedy programme asianet cheating their viewer. they have own rules for support to vip team

  52. jacob says:

    4 SUPER STARS both skits – Love and Favourite skit round – Team Four Star did way better than all other team but decision of the judge was so upset us….The REAL winner is FOUR stars they deserve FIRST place….I like VIP team but VIP team first skit was so boring too many louds on stage…I watched again and again FOUR star comedy that was awesome and good message…..Can’t believe this judgement….

    As a viewer I think third place has to go team Comedy Cousins…..

  53. jacob says:

    4 SUPER STARS both skits – Love and Favourite skit round – Team Four Star did way better than all other team but decision of the judge was so upset us….The REAL winner is FOUR stars they deserve FIRST place….I like VIP team but VIP team first skit was so boring too many louds on stage…I watched again and again FOUR star comedy that was awesome and good message…..Can’t believe this judgement….

    As a viewer I think third place has to go team Comedy Cousins…..

  54. viewer says:

    The REAL winner is FOUR stars they deserve FIRST place….

  55. mathew says:

    When they announce super comediian is Ullas…then I saw his face tells us so sad and happy so we know that it happen…I am so upset ..four star did such a good skit all three years and deserves the first place…

    The only skit I donot want to miss was FOUR stars…they have standard. This is not a fair decision …so sad to four star..we will invite their program to USA soon…….

    Old Movie comedy , Knanaya chathumcharthu, music all these comedy from four stars hats off to them.

  56. ComedyLover says:

    Actually this was a nice show till the last day when they played the drama and ditched group of talented artists. You could have given VIP 2nd price and 4 Star the Winner.. that would have made a good end to a nice show. The only good thing that can be done is to avoid Jagadish as a comedy Judge..

  57. Bapu says:

    Very sad….. Why Asianet is cheated all us. There is no any doubt about team four stars
    Last three years am watching but now really feel waiting time. We German malayalies always with ullas and tea four stars. They are really winner.
    Shame on you Asianet for this poor jonkeytricks with jagadesh
    Team four stars always give us quality comedy.

    Team comedy cousins always they are top in all round. If judges are looking past performance they have to get at least 1st runner up.

    Really you all are making malayalies fool. Never recommend Asianet as a good Chanel

  58. Max Binny says:

    I stand with the decision of the judges! I am sure that they have chosen the winner after serious thinking! Team VIP is the best!!!!!!!!!

  59. suji dear says:

    asianet it will be better if u anounce the winner of comedy stars second season now itself so that we may not be fooled.

  60. aslam says:

    team four star is the best teem.jagadish how much you got four support to team vip.the real judgment is vip team should bethird place

  61. saji thomas says:

    We were regular viewers of vodafone comedy show. This show is the only one we won\t miss. But the judgement, we never expect such a decision from Mr. Jagadeesh. FOUR STARS IS THE BEST TEAM according to all of us. Judges should explain what was the base for the decision.

    FOUR STARS, Ullas, we are with you… All the best.

  62. pushpa says:

    this is the first time i am commenting some thin about a TV show. Because its hurting me so much so that if i am not responding i will feel very guilty myself. My self and my all mallu friend who were watching the commedy stars season 1 not finding any reason to give 1st prize to Team VIP.The result was too shocking for all of us. We all like all VIP Team very much. ButFinale performances of FOUR STARS was in the top class position , and the winners performance was not up to the class of FOUR STARS. IF Asianet already decided the winners it was not required to conduct a finale like this to fool the viewers and the runnerup teams.
    We had respect to Baiju and Jagadish Sir and Asianet.but its gone.. All the reality show they are conducting may have a drama behind. its too bad….

    WISHING ALL SUCCESS TO TEAM FOUR STARS. We vieiwers have to support them and give more programmes.

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