Amrita TV’s ‘Super Star Junior’ Returns To Musical Competition Forefront With Season 4

Unvoiced cheers of welcome echoed in the hearts of Kerala’s childistan as they watched Amrita TV’s Super Star Junior launch into its latest edition at 8 pm on the evening of Sunday, January 27th . The first ever music reality show for the 10-15 age group that taught them the rules of the game, Super Star Junior re-enters the TV programme circuit for its 4th season of top-class musical competition with one hour performances every weekend, Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm that will be repeated Thursday And Friday at 12 noon.

Super Star Junior Season 4

Super Star Junior Season 4

The identity of the fifteen final contestants were not announced at the end of the final audition; it remained a closely guarded secret known only to the judging panel and the camera team. The finalists came to know of their selection only when the crew dropped in at their doorstep to announce the glad news personally. The elation and exhilaration of the aspirants, all set to take position on the springboard to fame, will be telecast in the ensuing weekends.

Deepak Dev, the noodle haired, laser-sharp witted dandy who never misses a beat either as a judge or a music director and the cool n’ groovy, much-in demand crooner Sayanora, both of whom did jury duty during the audition trials, will take their place on the permanent panel as well, to tint it with their panache, elan and flamboyance. They will be joined by M-town biggies, actors, directors, playback stars etc who will be the celebrity appraiser on the team.

Bhavya, the chic and svelte model responsible for anchoring the star show will give an added touch of class to the proceedings.

The captivating set that tunes in to just the right ambience for the musical contest in the foreground, also hosts professional dance troupes that provide visual accompaniment to the melody, dancing in harmonious mode to the lilts and tempos of the contestants.

The previous seasons of Super Star Junior series, the first amongst equals in the genre had aroused high anticipation in its audiences – and they had always made the cut. As Amrita TV serves up the 4th helping of the visually and aurally palatable series, the current edition with its gifted contestants, sharp witted judges and competitive excitement may well corner all the sunshine and put the preceding three seasons in the shade.

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