Super Star Junior 3 Grand Finale LIVE On 12th Sep at 6.30 P.M

Super Star Junior 3 Grand Finale

Super Star Junior 3 Grand Finale

Khusbhoo Chief Guest in Super Star Junior-3 LIVE Grand Finale On September 12th

After  a successful run, Amrita TV’s Super Star Junior-3 is readying for a perfect touchdown into its Grand Finale that will be transmitted live around the world at 6.30 pm on Sunday September 12.

The Finale of the show  that has been a conservatory for  budding musical talent will witness a nightingale finish with all the 3 finalists being girls.

The 12 year old Lekshmi Pradeep whose efforts drew a  bouquet of compliments from the judges , Renu Razzak who can handle any genre with élan and the 10 year old Malini, diminutive in stature but tall in talent  are the three contestants who will be warbling for the title on Sunday evening.

Anuradha Sriram, Madhu Balakrishnan  and  Bijibal  the dynamic jury panel who have been monitoring their musical progress throughout the contest, will be in place on the 12th to deliver the final judgment along with the chief guest, the gorgeous Khusboo ,  the fragrance of whose acting seems to improve with time .

A series of star performances will induce harmony into the fierce musical dispute unfolding on stage : dances by the chocolate faced Roma whose star is on the ascent; Archana the current sensation on the small screen; songs by Anuradha Sriram equally versatile in Carnatic, Hindustani and Pop; Madhu Balakrishnan,  front runner of the new generation playback pack ; Franco, the pacesetter in Music Albums and Tamil films and DJ Savio, the remix wizard.

On the evening of September 12 when the nightingales take flight into the rarified realms of melody  to turn in noteworthy performances, it will be music to the ears of not only the audiences who will flock in droves to the venue but also to the thousands who have tuned in to catch the excitement live .

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