Amrita TV Live Telecast of Grand Finale of Super Dancer Junior on May 12

Showdown Of The Season In The Grand Finale of Amrita TV’s Super Dancer Junior 4

Super Dancer Junior 4

Super Dancer Junior 4 Winners

An engrossing battle for the ultimate laurel is on the cards in Amrita TV’s Super Dancer Junior-4, as the dance reality show winds up to a tight finish in the Grand Finale which will be carried live on Saturday, the 12th of May.

As the D-day looms large, finale fever has gripped the State, with the child bandwidth of the audience getting ready to stay glued to their TV sets at 7 pm and root for their favorite stars on the stage.

Bhagyalakshmi, the pocket dynamo who demonstrated that size does not matter in dance, only skill does; the combative Gopika, always at her best when the chips are down; Jithna the pert participant who can slip into the soul of any genre and the willowy Rddhima whose lissome grace charmed the audience to spontaneous ovations, are the foursome who are just a hop, skip and jump away from the crown.

In the grand Finale, the finalists have to clear a line-up of challenging rounds- 4 solos, 4 group and 2 paired rounds that are the final hurdles to their journey to the top ;their performances will tip the scales in favour of one and seal the fate of the others.

A Jury Panel consisting of a special celebrity invitee and the 2 permanent judges, Sudha Chandran and Shanthi Master who had advised and guided the competitors as they budded and blossomed into seasoned danseurs will decide on the pick of the crop at the end of the contests.

Interlacing the rivals’ performances will be a series of acrobatic displays by the internationally famous Leem Company, who will give incredible feats of balance and strength and extraordinarily choreographed acts of grace and flexibility such as Hula Hoops that twirl dozens of hoops around waists and neck in dexterous rhythm ;the Ribbon Gymnastics, the art of flicks, circles and snakes that calls for co-ordination to the nth degree; Aerial Silk, an unbelievable blend of skill and elegance with climbs and drops, hanging precariously from a special fabric ;Bubble Dance that involves dancing inside a translucent bubble and so on.

On May 12th at the venue of the Grand Finale, with the Fahrenheit mounting outside, the real heat will be on the inside the auditorium, when the title clash begins.

3 Responses

  1. sebin says:

    You just ignore the judges, without giving price, also you didn’t give chage to say few words

  2. sebin says:

    You just ignore the judges, without giving price, also you didn’t give a chance to say few words

  3. Manju says:

    We are not satisfied with ur final result of junir3 and 4.

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