Super Dancer Junior 3 Readies For An Encore

Super Dancer Junior 3 Readies For An Encore

Super Dancer Junior 3

Super Dancer Junior 3

Super Dancer Junior-2  had  scripted an astounding  new saga of success and enjoyment from its first scene to final act.With one and a half dozen twinkle-toed youngsters, a panel of perceptive, sharp-witted judges and a pair of gorgeous anchors, this dance reality show re-wrote the tenets of prime-time entertainment.

Blending  dollops of  drama  with a dash of suspense, tension, laughter, excitement, thrill etc the show brewed a heady concoction that viewers found addictive.

Super Dancer Junior-2 completed its denouement  to a standing ovation, winning pride of place on the mantle piece of viewer memory.Before the echoes of the applause died down, Super Dancer Junior-3  has  stepped into its  shoes and taken the stage. It will be telecast Monday to Friday at 8.00pm.

Sixteen mercurial, fleet footed kids are atop the dais ready to take wing into the wide skies of clean competition. Five boys and eleven girls are in the contention, out of which 3 are based in the Middle East, one is from Bangalore and the rest are drawn from the four corners of the State.

Sudha Chandran the scene stealer in the previous edition with her comic interplays, verbal sorties with the compeers and quips and digs at the contestants and Kala Master, the first lady of choreographers who takes the measure of a contestant  with her crisp critical comments, will continue do the honours as Permanent Jury Members.The winsome Sheha teams up with the newly crowned Swarna to anchor the show and  brighten the stage with a touch of glamour.

Taking up the reins from where its prequel signed off, Super Dancer Junior-3 with the same winning combination  in place, is poised to repeat its success story.

Super Dancer Junior 3 Participants (Click Each Images to Get Details)


*** – Participants Details Link Will Goes to Amrita Tv Website.

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  1. nina says:

    It is a very good show.The judges are good except for Kala master,.the way she behaves towards Surya is very bad. If i was in place of Surya i would quit this show forever. Hoping that she will behave better towards Surya.

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