Snehitha – New Program on Amrita TV Starting on 26th March

Snehitha on Amrita TV

A show devoted entirely to the fairer sex, Amrita TV’s Snehita takes up the role of a staunch friend to provide advice, instructions and inspiration to women from all walks of life, on issues that crop up in the female dimension of the world. One of the premier programmes to explore the problems of parenting from the subjective viewpoint of the mother, Snehita, to be launched on March 26th , will be telecast Monday to Friday at 12.30 noon.

Nudging womenkind to realization on her dormant capabilities and giving guidance on problems that confront her at home and in the workplace, Snehita equips the modern femme to face up to the challenges in everyday life, while at the same time gender sensitizing society on the awesome potential of Eve power.

The programme is carved into a number of segments that offer tips, furnishes counsel or shows the way on topics that engage, fascinate or appeal to the better half of humanity.

Each episode opens its account with a segment earmarked for tackling a topic that is of absorbing interest to any mother-parenting. Motherhood may be the pinnacle of a woman’s life, but it is one of the toughest jobs on earth. From the moment the little bundle of gurgles and giggles is brought home, to the time he flies the nest, the mother is plagued by doubts and predicaments. The questions that loom large in her mind as she nurses him through infancy,childhood, pre-teens and adolescence are dealt with in the form of an 8 minute interview with a guest, who is an expert on the question of the day: how much quality time should one spent with the child; should there be separate rules for boys and girls; how does one handle sibling rivalry; how to cope with puberty problems ;what is the role of the father in bringing up the girl child; where does one draw the line between disciplining and love etc.

Healthy Foods which follows, stirs through another subject that is dear to every dame’s heart – cooking. This 7 minute section presents a menuful of quick and tasty recipes, which can be dished up in a trice, is easy on the mother, yummy to the child and above all packed with health and nourishment. The final segment hosts random, disparate themes all focusing on issues feminine, which may be on subjects in her sphere or profiles in inspiration on woman achievers, well known or unsung.



Ever since woman refused to bow to gender tyranny and strode from the hearth to the boardroom, she has willingly shouldered greater responsibilities and taken up newer roles. The final section educates her on how to respond to new challenges in her horizon: smart ways of investing money, ways to rein in the household budget, efficient management of time, starting a business venture from home base, the secret of looking well-groomed, finding place for leisure in her crammed schedule and so on.

The segment may at intervals also feature females extraordinaire, role models who set shining examples to follow. They may be either dynamic, enterprising careerists with sigh-worthy jobs on the top rungs of their profession, who dared to go where no woman had ventured before and changed the rules of the work place for ever. Or just ordinary females who became exceptional by an act of courage or strength of character such as one who turned down her groom at the alter for demanding dowry; who warded off a molester and talked about the encounter, braving social stigma; one who defied precedence and protocol to take bold official decisions etc.

In an age when society unreasonably pegs the woman to the traditional submissive, self sacrificing Sati Savithri straitjacket ,while simultaneously expecting her to be the ideal wife, supermom, champion home maker and successful careerist , Snehita like a true friend provides a pillar of support, cushioning her against the disconcerting pressures while
rousing her to her full potential .

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