Sneha Is The Winner Of Midukki Reality Show On Mazhavil Manorama

Winners Details Of The Reality Show ” Midukki ” On Mazhavil Manorama Channel. Kavya Madhavan Announced The Winners.

Mazhavil Manorama’s Midukki Is Sneha Unnikrishnan

Sneha Is Midukki

Sneha Is The Winner Of Midukki

Second Prize Of Midukki Goes To – Remya Menon



Third Prize Of Midukki Goes To – Reeba Monica



11 Responses

  1. Juli says:

    Congrats to All Midukies.

  2. Arya says:

    Manorama Again Played Drama in Midukki.

  3. Sona says:

    Congrats Sneha and Other Winners.

  4. Thomas says:

    Thanks Mazhavil Manorama For The Show Midukki.

  5. Sulochana says:

    Can We Expect Midukki Season 2 ?.

  6. Manu CS says:

    Crap Show, We Don’t Want Such Programs.

  7. Lakshmy says:

    Sneha is really a Midukki..But Remya is more deserving than Sneha ….

    Because Midukki should excel in all fields including General Awareness..

    Confidence , Beauty , Politeness , knowledge among all these “Knowledge” is the most
    important & crucial factor behind anyone’s success..

    Remya, compared to all others , has all these qualities,..I think Beauty is not only that what we see outside.

    Regarding Sneha, ” Belonging to Kerala and not knowing our state bird”..We expect our Midukki should at least know our state bird…Confidence, Grace , Beauty ; sneha got all these….She is really a Midukki..But MIDUMIDUKKI title should be given to Remya…..

  8. Vinu says:

    I don’t think so if u saw the stress interview round sneha is the only one who called as the gem by judge sabu and parvathi she balanced very well that round and other social and fashion rounds also. And the grand finale sneha stealed the show……., But most deserving is only Sneha i love you midukki

    • Pravin says:

      Please watch the stress interview round of Both Girls …Sneha and Remya .. Then Decide…. I think Remya is deserving more than Sneha.. don’t go for the appearance..Sabu & Parvathy are really impressed by Remya also…

      (Please see the answers given by Remya, I didn’t find any wrong answers , but I saw Sneha’s interview and she said our state bird is “OTTAKAPAKSHI” which is a blunder..)

      Sneha done well in stress management part but her general knowledge part is weak.

      After watching the final i felt that midukki should have – Confidence, beauty, grace, fashion..but General Knowledge is not Needed…Isn’t that Ridiculous..

  9. ARATHY ASHOK says:

    i love you reeba monica

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