Sibi Malayil Speaks His Mind In Amrita TV’s Samagamam This Weekend



Samagamam, Amrita TV’s weekend chat show anchored by Kamal, that brings celebrities and their circle of friends and acquaintances on the same dias in a sentimental re-unioun, will host famous film auteur Sibi Malayil in its latest edition. The 2 hour long get-together will be telecast in 2 parts, this Saturday and Sunday evening at 8 pm.

The veteran director who called the shots in filmdom during the 80’s and 90’s, the golden age of Malayalam cinema, opens the oyster shell of his memories to pluck souvenirs of his career from it. A guest list of actors, producers and associate directors who had travelled alongside part of the way in his cinematic route, will surf over old times together and set adrift a flotilla of remembrances.

Sibi recalls his special chemistry with Mohanlal, the dozen odd films they did together, brilliant movies that changed the landscape of Malayalam films and hoisted him to superstardom- Kireedam, Bharatam, His Highness Abdulla etc ; he dwells on Kireedam and its unfolding, the trouble he had of finding a fitting face for ‘Keerikkadan Jose’ , the stunt scenes that were not enacted but really ‘fought’ on the spot by Lal and Jose.

He almost breaks down at the mention of Lohitadas the bosom friend who had faded away before his time; remembers his 1st sight of Lohi perched on the edge of a footbridge, trademark bandana wrapped around his forehead, bidi smoldering on his lips; the long association the most successful script-writer director team shared over the years and the creative vaccum left by his unexpected exit.

He is pleased that the youngsters to whom he had given a leg-up into the industry by offering a break in his movies are now well established stars in tinsel town: script writers Bobby Sanjay, Navya Nair, Vineeth, Bindu Panikar, Charmila etc.

As Sibi’s memories are stirred up by the sight of old familiar faces from his past , spicy anecdotes, stories and incidents spill out into the episodes of Samagamam, to make it an experience not to be missed.

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