Seniors Premiering On Mazhavil Manorama 1st January 2012 at 5 P.M

Mazhavil Manorama’s New Year Special Movie is Seniors, Its Premiering on 1st January 2012 at 5 P.M



The film starts with two scenes, one in 1981, in which a husband is waiting for his flirtatious wife to come home and take care of their son, the wife comes with her boyfriend and after a fight decides to leave the husband and child.

Again in flashback, in 1996, its college day festival and after a dance performance, Indu (Padmapriya) comes to enquire about her sister Lakshmi (Meera Nandan) who is with her four friends and one of them says he would drop her to home. The friends are having a good time enjoying the college day festival. In sudden turn of events, there is a loud scream and as all the students rush out to see what happened, only to find Lakshmi dead.

Movie Availability and Show Times are Subject to Change

9 Responses

  1. Satheesh says:

    Super Movie by Mazhavil Manorama.

  2. sujith kunju says:

    kolllam nalllla compattiisionnn

  3. sujith kunju says:

    also telecast 1. Merykundoru kunjadu 2. The Thriller 3. Two Wheeler 4. Aakasham
    … … 5. Runway 6. Rasikan 7. Hridayathil sookshikan 8. Aakashagopuram 9. Aparichithan 10. Janmam 11. Bhoomi malayalam 12. Makalku 13. Freedom 14. Kathavasheshan 15. Gaurishankaram 16. Highway police 17. Thaskaraveeran
    18. Nanma 19. Thirakatha 20. One way ticket 21.City of god 22. Seniors 23.Banglavil Outha 24. Rathinirvedham 25. Three kings 26.Vellathooval 27. Ammathottill 28. Malayalee 29. Choonda 30.Adayalangal 31. Swapnangalil Haisal Mary 32.Ottakkaiyyan
    33. Vilapangalkappuram 34. Vacation
    we r waiting for those films

  4. sujith kunju says:

    woooow goood channell in malayalam highdefnision

  5. sujith kunju says:

    time change in sundayy 5:00 manikkku manoramayilll mazhavilllu polee
    campus moviee…………………………………..
    cmng new moviess mazhavilllmanorama

  6. geo says:

    ottakkaiyan already telecasted in surya tv and nanma telecasted in asianet on dec 23rd 1pm. three kings goes to surya tv, rathinirvedham in asianet

  7. muthu says:

    coming movies r Hridayathil sookshikan,Thaskaraveeran,Gaurishankaram,Annorickal,Kathavasheshan,Makalku ,Banglavil Outha,Freedom i think

  8. Sharathk says:

    Super selection.big hit of the year.

  9. Sharathk says:

    Super duper Comedy hit of the year.

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