Amrita TV Choreographs The Fifth Season of Super Dancer Junior

Super Dancer Junior 5

Super Dancer Junior 5

Super Dancer Junior, Amrita TV’s dance competition series, that holds the copyright for dancing excellence, has just launched the fifth edition of this best seller of a reality show. This prime time highlight which had been refreshing mass audiences with megabytes of pure entertainment, will be telecast Monday through Friday at 7.00pm in the evening.

Every generation of this competition for nimble footed youngsters in the 9-14 age category, is a coming of age show in which, half baked amateurs are transformed into full fledged pros ready to sashay into classical, western, contemporary, cinematic or hip-hop with equal poise.

The prequels of this serial entertainer were indelible chapters in the annals of television, each engraving incredible visual snapshots in public memory: the Synchronisation and Change the Sex Rounds of Season 2 , the rain dance of Season 3 and the Vadakkapattu and Kutty rounds of edition 4.

The audience had little time to wax nostalgic over a season as it glided into history, for no sooner was the curtain rung down on the Finale of one, than it was raised for the launch of the next Season.

The 17 contestants who took the field in Super Dancer Junior-4 were narrowed down to 4 in the final stretch. In the Grand Finale , Gopika upset the applecart of expectations to topple the hot favourite and race to the title.

Legions of youngsters had been waiting for the call to register to Season 5, elbowing for a chance to step into the shoes of the previous competitors . Surveying through the novices who queued up in their hundreds in each audition centre across the State,24 of the top performers were given the nod to take the stage for the 5th edition. The competitors consisting of 7 boys and 17 girls are drawn from all over Kerala, with 2 based in Mumbai and 2 others coming down all the way from Dubai to participate. Matching step with the other competitors is a handicapped aspirant who had lost her arm at birth.

Sudha Chandran with her unique dress code and incomparable ensemble and the demure Shanthi Master , the duo who raised the bar of the competition, will continue to do jury duty as permanent judges of the panel.

Super Dancer Junior has already become a part of television folklore. Continuing its tradition of excellence, as the 5th season headlines a new chapter, the next few months will show which of the contestants will leave their imprints behind on its pages.

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