Ritu – 16 December at 10.00 A.M on Kairali Tv

Ritu – 16 December at 10.00 A.M on Kairali Tv


Ritu - 16 December at 10.00 A.M on Kairali Tv

Ritu Story : Ritu is about youngsters working in the IT sector. The story follows the lives of three childhood friends: Sarath Varma (Nishan), Varsha John (Rima), and Sunny Immatty (Asif). The trio were almost inseparable as friends and they grew up in the same neighborhood in their love, bonding, and innocence. They shared one single dream of journeying together in life forever.

Sarath Leaves for US to help his brother-in-law with his business. He also aspires to write a book some day. But stills he clings on to the memories of the good old days with his friends and wishes to reunite and work with his friends again. So after three years, he comes back to India and starts a small company with Varsha and Sunny to initiate an ambitious new project. But he soon finds out that their strong bond of friendship has almost vanished. Both Varsha and Sunny’s lifestyles and mindsets have changed over the years. Varsha flirts with men over the phone while, Sunny shows homosexual traits. Whether their friendship will return or will it deteriorate even more forms the crux of the story.

In life, a point of time arrives when you face the ultimate question: who are you? The three friends finally arrive at that moment when the question stares at them. Did the truth they found out help them?

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