Randamathoral Starting from 25th Oct at 12.00 Noon on Asianet

A new serial on Asianet  ” Randamathoral – Story of Santa – The Lady- Killer”



Santa is a modern art painter who has a lot of psychic powers. During his parapsychologic research he comes in contact with the Devil. Santa wants the Devil to give full life to his beloved Kochammu, who is in coma. In return, the Devil asks for the lives of 41 women.

Santa appears in a hilly town and sets his bungalow, with Kochammu as his only intimate being. The serial killer starts his journey from there.He
kills some women directly but mostly by making others, subjects of his
powerful hypnosis and turning them into killers. He offers those innocent souls to the Devil. Macrostar reality show star singer Lyla Thomas, a feminist writer Vimala Das, TV achor genius Reshma, college girl Sunitha, Mother Superior Izabella… the mastermind murders continue.

All the murders for only one reason – Santa wants his lover Kochammu back to life. The police knows that there is a serial killer in town but they get no clues at all. Prof. Vijaya Menon, two police officers and two girls form a team to trap this evil genius. The Tom & Jerry hunt goes forward through very exciting episodes.

Producer & Project Director – Prassad Nooranad

CASTING – Jijo, Vijaya Menon, Fazal Razi, Ramesh, Saji Vakkanad, T.S. Raju, Syam Raji, Thara Kalyan, Priya Mohan, Sini Varghese, Remya Mohan, Rekha, Nandhana  etc

Asianet is all set to telecast “ Randamathoral ” on every Monday to Friday, starting from 25th October 2010 from  12.00 noon  to 12.30PM.

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  1. Binoy Alex says:

    I am Binoy . I kind of liked the serial . But the timing is bad . Can u change the time of serial to 5pm or 7pm ? At 12.00pm , I dont think any one will be able to see bcoz of their work or school .

  2. Divya says:

    This serial is not meant for a housewife like me. So they should change the time of the show.Please put some pleasant programs for people who have no other means of entertainment.Some music programs can really replace this show.Can’t bear this any more…..

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