Raga Ratnam Junior 2 Begins Its Recital

Raga Ratnam Junior- 2 Begins Its Recital

Raga Ratnam Junior 2

Raga Ratnam Junior 2

Raga Ratnam Junior-2 is a musical talent search in the Carnatic classical tradition that seeks out phenomenally gifted young exponents of the art, in the 10-14 age group; a reality show that locates superlatively talented vocalists in the oldest practiced classical music system in the world  and brings out a musical prodigy from amongst its ranks.

Launched on December 18th, this sequel to Raga Ratnam Junior which offered the 1st TV platform for young Carnatic devotees to compete against each other, will be telecast every Saturday and  Sunday at 8.30 pm.

Exacting and exhaustive auditions brought to the fore 10 outstanding singers, consisting of 4 boys and 6 girls who will contend for one the coveted titles of musical erudition, the title of Raga Ratnam Junior-2.

Most of the competitors not only have a good grounding in the intricacies of the classical genre, but can also claim to have a solid musical pedigree since parents, grandparents and others in the family are all avid Carnatic enthusiasts and practitioners.

Both the attitude and aptitude of the competitors were taken into consideration during selection; innate flair or talent was not enough to see them through to the competing ten, their disposition to music in the form of seriousness of approach, commitment to practice, dedication to perfecting the art etc were critical in deciding whether they made the grade.

The musical performances will be appraised by a panel of 3 judges comprising a Pradhan Acharya or Grand Master of Music and 2 other eminent practitioners of Carnatic music.

T.K. Govinda Rao the renowned Carnatic musician and 1st playback singer of Malayalam will chair the jury as Pradhan Acharya while Anuradha Krishnamurthy musician and actor & Dr. Cherthala K.N. Ranganatha Sharma vocalist and musicologist will be the other permanent judges.

With the contestants’ talent, manodharma, kelvi gnan, proficiency in mudras, knowledge of ragas etc being put to the test in the coming rounds, Raga Ratnam Junior-2 will call the tune to connoisseurs and aficionados of classical music, every week end.

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