Projector – New Film Review Show on Amrita TV

Amrita TV Launches New Film Review Show Projector



Amrita TV’s Projector is a clear-sighted film review programme that checks out the latest lab-fresh movies to hit the screens and estimates the watch-worthiness of the new releases  by a 360 degree all- round exploration of its key elements. It will be telecast every Sunday at 7.30pm.

The opening segment Black and White starts off by unwrapping the bare bones of the story and hinting at the direction in which the tale is heading, without giving away the plot high points or the climax. It then gives a critical appraisal by taking stock of the artistic merit and mass appeal of the movie. Most reviewers take it upon themselves to help the viewer make up his mind by praising the flick to the skies or panning it to shreds . Projector travels along a novel route by presenting both the pros and cons of the release and then leaving it to the viewer to judge for himself whether the film is a must- view or can be given the go- by. 3 white or positive aspects of the movie are balanced with 3 black or negative points, using scenes and dialogues from the cinema to support the arguments. By not forcing the critic’s views upon the viewer or attempting to colour his opinion Projector takes a fair, even –handed approach to movie reviewing .

Nagra, the next segment concerns itself with a feature that is at the heart of every cinema-its song sequences that can spell the difference between a hit or a flop. The catchiest numbers of the brand new motion pictures are introduced and analysed in terms of its hummability, melody, composition, picturisation, its role in developing the story and so on. The music is then graded and the top 5 songs of each week are picked out.

Final Cut is the 3rd segment of the programme in which it is the turn of an expert to have his say. A well-known celebrity from the film fraternity voices his opinions on one of the releases . He rates it on a scale of 1-10, defending his score with reasons and justifications and convincing the audience with the soundness of his explanations.

By combining expert estimation with impartial summarization and balancing the favorable with the adverse, Projector takes the critical art of film reviewing to new heights.

Smitha Sivaji

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