Nammal Thammil New Look

Nammal Thammil New Look

Nammal Thammil New Look

Nammal Thammil New Look

Asianet’s signature talk show “ Nammal Thammil “ is going to have a new look altogether. Right from the presenter, the show will go for a total makeover in the coming episodes.

John Britttas , the business head of the channel, will be hosting the show  which is known to debate and discuss everything from serious political and economic issues to light-hearted topics of interest.

Over the years the show has tackled incredibly diverse topics ranging from politics to mimicry.It discusses Almost everything under the sun. Discussions are about various topics including piracy, life after death, Ayurveda, women harassment; Kerala Police and so on attract viewers. Through an intense debate between the panel and the audience, the show has given a forum not only to public officials and celebrities but also the common man too, to make his voice heard.

Many persons including ministers, High officials, video shop owners, astrologers, Doctors, etc make the show live. Many times the show witnesses hot debates and interesting observations.

This had acted as a pathway to draw conclusions to various problems exiting in the society. It is a membrane biogenesis to the social-economical-cultural defects. This show act as a messenger between the officials and the common man. This programme kindly put forward common man’s ideas to the officials.

The coming episodes will discuss topics like criminals within the police department and the new trend in the umbrella market among others.

Asianet telecasts “Nammal Thammil ” every Saturday at 10.00PM.

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  1. Panama corporation says:

    Sreekandan Nair leads the show.Discussions areabout various topics including piracy life after death Ayurveda women harassment Kerala Police and so on attract viewrs. .Many persons including ministers High officials viedio shop owners astrologers Doctors etc make the show live. the humour and wit of MisterSreekandan Nair Keeps the show very intersting.Many times the show witnesses hot debates and intersting observations..This is a must see debate on Asianet.It started many years ago and has enjoyed great popularity ever since.It shows how a show can be made attractive. add new comment 260 reads.NAMMAL THAMMIL.Submitted by Guest on Fri 2007-07-20 11 35..ADVERTISEMENT HAS TO BE TOTALLY STOPPED FOR THIS TALK SHOW.

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