Mylanchi – Thursday at 11.00 PM IST on Amrita TV

Mylanchi on Amrita TV

Mylanchi on Amrita TV

Mylanchi is an exceptional anthology of the finest Mappliappattu from Malayalam films, that present not only traditional Muslim devotional songs but also includes the lilting cadences of the Oppana and soulful romantic numbers, the whole anchored by a  compere who sketches the backdrop of each song.

Mappilappattu was a musical genre confined to Muslims, that originated in the Malabar region of Northern Kerala more than 700 years ago. Passed down orally from generation to generation, these folk songs were a declaration of their deep-rooted religious faith, though love, heroism and history also featured as themes  frequently. Whatever be its underlying leitmotif, Mappilappattu  can be recognized at once by their distinctive melody that bears faint strains of Persian  music and its lyrics that are couched in a blend of  Arabic –Malayalm laced with Persian and Urdu.

Mylanchi brings cinematic choices from every theme that come under the banner of Mappilappattu:

Songs full of devotion and piety sung during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Bakrid etc ,that  carry the flavour of their religion and do a namaz to the Almighty such as –‘Aayiram Katha  Makaleyanengilum, Mayathe Mecca Manassil Nilppu’ ‘Rasoole Ninkanivaale’

The pre-nuptial Oppana rendered by the female relatives of the bride on the night preceding the nikah, with teasing allusions to the connubial pleasures that await  her – Oru Kotta Ponnudallo Meheruba Meheruba

Ardent love songs that speak eloquently of the depths of the passion of the lover for his beloved or describe her beauty in detail –
Ramzanile Chandrikayo, Rajanigandhiyo Nenjinullil Neeyanu Fathima

Malayalam has a rich repository of Mappilappattu and Mylanchi dips into this accumulated wealth to bring a classic selection of Mappila melodies that display refreshing hits fresh from the processing table, to Black & White gems over which time has drawn the veil of forgetfulness.

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