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My First Film Recalls The Emotions of A Star’s Debut

My First Film

My First Film

Amrita TV’s My First Film flips back the calendar of memories of popular matinee idols from the Tamil & Malayalam film fraternity and conveys the sensations, the thrills, excitement and anxiety they felt while acting in the very first film of their careers. Starting from December 19th , it will be aired every Sunday at   9 pm.

The 1st episode in each stage of one’s life are red letter days that stand out in one’s recollections – the opening day in kindergarten, arriving in College as a fresher, starting on a professional career etc; but getting  the elusive chance in movies will be an unforgettable experience for all stars.

Getting a passage into the foyers of the Cinema world is no cakewalk. Eager aspirants with stars in their eyes have to wait in the wings, often putting their ambitions on hold for years before they get their first opening.

When the doors finally open a crack and they get to keep their appointment with History, it is the defining moment of their lives.

As the gates of moviedom opens before him , the actor passes through a panorama of emotions: elation at finally having realized his ambitions , tension as to whether he can deliver the goods; the nervousness of emoting in front of the camera; the panic when ‘action’ resounds from the director’s megaphone etc.

My First Film retrospects  through the reels of their remembrances and brings the spectrum of feelings that they went through, the instant he signed the 1st call sheet  which gave access to the kingdom of dreams ; the day he read through his 1st script and the lines that he would have to deliver ; arriving on the sets for the 1st time and becoming at last  part of the film crowd ; setting his eyes on his co-stars and going through the inaugural shot of his life; tackling the 1st song sequence; the thrill of signing autographs and  shaking the hands of his fans and so on.

My First Film is shot on various locations where the star is busy shooting. The anchor introduces the star through a brief narration at the beginning of the show. With the help of graphics, the same questions are posed to each star: Your 1st shot; 1st premiere; 1st hero/heroine; previous experiences in other art forms; debuts in other languages etc.

By exploring the ‘souvenirs’ of the premiere film  that are inscribed in evergreen visuals in the tablets of their memory, the show captures the amusing experiences of the best young actors – Kavya Madhavan, Bhavana, Bhama, Priyamani, Kadal Sandhya, Dimple Kapadia, Amar Singh, Kunjakko Boban etc

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